Get Cozy with Warm Winter Beverages

The cold season calls for delicious warm meals! Wouldn’t it be nice to once again have that warm bowl of soup that your Mom makes every winter time or have a taste of that chicken or beef stew that your Grandmother used to make for you? For those who have grown up and are already living on their own, the winter time brings a lot of old memories. Most would recall how wonderful their house smelled during this time because of Nana or Mum’s cooking. You probably have tried copying old recipes for stews and soups passed down by your great grandparents to your grandparents to your parents then to you. You may have even made some modern twists or additions to these good old recipes. However, most of you would probably agree that nothing beats mom’s or Nana’s cooking. If you are trying to recreate that heartwarming stew that your Nana or your mom used to cook for you, add a few drops of Argan oil after you have cooked the stew to bring out a nutty and flavourful taste. The cold season also is a time for warm drinks. You can share a warm drink with your friends, family, a loved one or even have a cup on your own and the world seems to be more at peace. A cup of warm drink brings a cozy warm feeling in you during the cold season.

Heartwarming Winter Beverages

  • Warm Cider – Make over the taste of your cider with a combination of various spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and dried orange peel. You can easily find a sachet of this in stores.
  • Good Old Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows – This drink is a favourite of almost everyone of all ages. For some reason this hot beverage makes you really feel better. If you are feeling down, try making a cup of warm chocolate with marshmallows floating on top of it and you would start feeling better.
  • Moroccan Mint Tea Latte – If you love drinking tea then here is a great hot beverage idea that you would surely enjoy. On your favourite hot chocolate drink add a bag of Moroccan Mint tea. Don’t let the tea soak in the warm liquid for too long. About 3 minutes is enough. This aromatic drink will tickle your senses and warm your heart this cold season.
  • A Cup of Coffee to Wake Up Your Senses – A cup of good old coffee does wake up the senses especially in the morning. Before you head out to work, have a cup of hot coffee and you would feel energised. You would need to be alert especially if you drive to work. The cold winter morning can make us feel sluggish ans a cup of coffee will do wonders.If in the afternoon, you are feeling sleepy or a bit sluggish, have a cup of hot coffee and you will feel refueled. You are alert once again after having a gulp of coffee. For coffee drinkers the waft of coffee scent is just too much to resist.
Cozy up with these warm winter drinks!

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