Get “DIY-Halloweeny-Creative” with Your Kids!

Halloween Is The Time For Fun And Fear To Mix

By now you would be seeing Halloween decorations almost everywhere. Halloween is just a few days away and if you feel like your porch looks not up to par with the rest of the neighborhood then it’s time to take matters in your own hands. Time to do DIY Halloween decorations! If you have kids let them help you out. They’d sure have fun!

DIY Halloween Decorations

Here are some great ideas to play with!

A Platter Perfect for Halloween

Be creative and serve up your tasty treats in a platter perfect for the Halloween. All you need are white platters and a marker. Let your kids get creative. They can draw a spider web or a spooky castle on the plate using the marker. Once they’re done drawing, it’s time to have these plates baked. Bake the plates with the Halloween drawing for 30 minutes at 350-degree Celsius.

Light the Halloween Up

Here’s a great idea for your walkway. Your trick-and-treaters would be happy to see their path to your doorway lit up so dramatically with decorated tin cans. You’ll need a tracing paper, a marker (permanent), tin cans (empty), a hammer and a big nail, wire, tealight candles and a spray paint (orange and black).

You may choose to have a pumpkin face, bats or any Halloween-related pattern on your tracing paper then transfer the pattern to your tin cans. Trace the pattern on the tin cans using your permanent marker. Fill the cans with water then let it freeze. Take the cans out of the freezer once the water inside is frozen solid. Grab your nails and hammer and start puncturing the pattern on the cans. Don’t forget to put two holes opposite each other on the rim of the can as this is where you’d put the wire in for the handle . Then all you have to do is wait for the frozen water to melt and then dry out the cans. Once the cans are completely dry time to go spray painting. Let the paint dry and once done put the tealight candle in the can. Using the wire handle you can hang your tin cans on a branch or just line them up your walkway!

The Mummy Returns

Let the mummies return this Halloween! Gather some glass jars or vases, a roll or two of gauze and a few pairs of googly eyes. If you have kids helping you out let them take care of mummifying the jars or vases! The first step is to tape one end of the gauze on top of the jar or vase and then start wrapping and twisting the gauze around, allowing them to wind down until you reach the bottom of the jar. To seal the gauze just use a tape or glue. Using glue, place the googly eyes in the middle or almost middle of the jar! Now you have a mummified jar! Just place a tealight in and voila you have mummy lights!

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