Get Ready to Break Your Bad Habits if You Want Beautiful Skin

So you have been reading on skin care tips and you found that most mention exercise, sunscreen lotion, enough sleep, plenty of water, healthier meals, moisturizer, twice a day face wash and stress avoidance. Since you do want to get that healthy, soft and vibrant skin you follow these tips religiously.

However your skin is still showing fine lines or wrinkles and every now and then you are experiencing pimple break outs. You start wondering what you are doing wrong and also start feeling frustrated and disappointed. But have you looked into your bad habits? Do you still smoke or drink alcohol? These bad habits have their negative effect on the skin.

Bad Habits to Break for a Healthy Skin

It is true that it’s hard to break a habit especially the bad ones. However if you are really intent on getting that goal of a beautiful and healthy skin then you can overpower your cravings for these bad habits. Here is a list of bad habits that is damaging to the skin.

  • Smoking – Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. You will often see this in TV ads and flyers. If you are a smoker you see this warning in the cigarette packet you are holding. If you want to have a healthy and beautiful skin, start to quit smoking. Do not suddenly go cold turkey on this bad habit as your body will go through a process of withdrawal. You should first start cutting down the number of sticks of cigarettes you smoke everyday. How is smoking damaging to the skin? Smoking actually slows down the flow of blood and reduces collagen levels. The decrease in collagen and oxygen levels will result to wrinkles. If you smoke you are also robbing your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and be able to regenerate. Work on cutting down on your smoking right now so you can eventually say goodbye to this bad habit.
  • Laziness – We are all guilty of this bad habit. Do not let laziness take over your life. Wash your face twice a day no matter what and apply moisturiser. One of the best moisturisers to use is Argan oil. In case you are wondering why, Argan oil is actually rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, Polyphenols, Sterols, Carotenoids and Ferulic acid. The ingredients of this oil have moisturising properties and anti aging properties.
  • Drinking Alcohol – We all have celebrations to toast to and alcohol is always present in parties, dinners and night out with our friends. However you need to cut down on the volume of your intake and how frequent you drink alcoholic beverage. It is true that there are many reasons we should celebrate life everyday but it does not necessarily mean that we celebrate everyday by drinking alcoholic drinks.For unavoidable days such as celebrations that you know you would be drinking alcoholic drinks, compensate by drinking more water than what you usually drink. This is because alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks and also sodas dehydrate the skin.

Are you ready to break your bad habits for a healthy and beautiful skin?

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