Get Serious with Your Skin Care Routine

When you ask different people about skin care you would get various answers. This just goes to show that skin care for different people mean different things. What is skin care for you? Are you one of those people that skin care equates to the washing of face twice a day? For others especially women living in cities, skin care routine is much more complex. This involves cleansing, toning, moisturising, protecting the skin from the sun’s UV rays, exfoliating etc.

These are the basic steps that many women have in their skin care routines. Do you want to move forward and go beyond the basics? If you want a much more serious skin care routine, read on!

Going Beyond the Basics of Skin Care

Some people would think that serious caring for the skin is time consuming and in this modern age no one has the luxury of time. Everything has to be quick and instant. Well, serious caring for your skin is actually not time consuming. Once you have made an effort to get to know your skin and which skin care products are best to use for your skin type and being consistent in your skin care routine you then don’t have to worry much about spending too much time caring for your skin.

Serious caring for the skin will in fact only take a few minutes of your time. Here is a serious skin care routine that you can use as your guide.

  1. Cleanse. Remember that when it comes to your face, soap is a big NO! Let soap take care of every inch of your skin from the neck down. However when it comes to your face use a mild cleanser suited for your skin type.You should only wash your face twice a day. Using your cleanser wash the face in the morning with warm water and once before going to bed. This would wash off dirt, grime, dust, pollutants and other debris that may have stuck to your skin.
  2. Tone. See to it that you use a toner without alcohol and acetone. This will clean your skin even better as well as bring back your facial skin’s normal pH level. It is best to remember that whatever your skin type is staying away from skin care products containing alcohol and or acetone is a healthy practice.
  3. Give your eyes some loving. Actually it’s the skin around the eyes. Are you seeing crow’s feet around the corner of your eyes? Are you also seeing dark circles around your eyes and fine lines or wrinkles? Improve the appearance of the fragile and sensitive skin by using an eye cream.Instead of getting a separate eye cream and facial cream, why not just use Argan oil to do both wonders? Argan oil is in fact one of the most potent anti aging natural skin care product sold in the market today because of its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Sterols and a lot more!
  4. Protect the skin from the sun. Never forget to use sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 or higher when you are going outdoors. Apply 15 minutes before rushing outdoors.

Definitely you can see that this skin care routine is very quick and easy!

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