Get Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants from the Culinary Argan Oil

Using Argan Oil In Your Dishes Makes It Healthier
These days more people are becoming aware of the fact the eating habits affect out health. The media has been featuring stories about healthy foods, healthy diets and the importance of developing a healthy eating habits. Many celebrities including popular sports figures, politicians, reality show stars and Hollywood A-listers are following and promoting various types of diet all in the name of gaining a better physique and a healthier body. You may have been hearing “diet” phrases such as “low carb”, “high protein”, “Mediterranean” and “Hoodia” being uttered by both popular personalities and regular guys and gals in your neighborhood or circle of friends. These are just a few types of diet that many are following to improve one’s overall fitness and live a better life. One of the popular phrases today associated with diet is “antioxidant-packed diet”. You probably have heard or read about this on the net, in the papers and from TV shows. Just what is an antioxidant-packed diet and how does it aid in keeping our body healthier?

First let us discuss what antioxidants are and how they benefit the body.

All of us have “free radicals” that go roaming inside our body. These free radicals are unstable molecules and can attack the body most commonly in the form of cancer. Antioxidants are our defense against these free radicals. Antioxidants seize and neutralize free radicals before they cause the body damage. A diet that is packed with antioxidants can help in preventing potential acute illnesses caused by free radicals.

What Are the Best Sources of Antioxidants

So where can we get our daily dose of potent antioxidants? If you drink tea or coffee at least once a day, you are in luck as both coffee and tea hold a certain amount of antioxidants. However, it is fresh fruits that are especially packed with antioxidants. We already are aware that fruits are highly recommended by  health experts. But did you know that the culinary Argan oil is also loaded with antioxidants? Drizzling your stews, salads, soups as well as baked and grilled dishes can give your body as much antioxidants that you’ll get from a piece of fruit.

The Antioxidants in Culinary Argan Oil

The culinary Argan oil hails from Morocco and is extracted from the fruit nuts of the Argan tree. The oil is packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Polyphenols, Ferulic acid, Carotenoids and Squalene. These antioxidants stop the damaging chain reaction that free radicals create that may ultimately lead to serious illnesses such as cancer.

Follow a Nutrition Plan that Includes Antioxidants

To keep your body healthy, you should follow a nutrition plan that is highly packed with antioxidants. Always include fruits and vegetables (vegetables are also a great source of antioxidants) in your daily meals. You can also drizzle your dishes with just a tablespoon or two of the culinary Argan oil to give your body a potent dose of antioxidants. Keep sharing our posts to your friends and ask more of your friends to like our Facebook page! We’ll keep writing more on health and beauty!