Get Your Kitchen Ready for Healthy Cooking!

That’s great that you have finally decided to scrap fast food chain meals in your daily menu and have vowed to start preparing healthy meals from your own kitchen. When you prepare your own meals, you have a control on what goes in and what stays out of your dish. Of course a good plan is to ensure that only healthy ingredients go in and unhealthy ones stay out.

But before you can start your crusade for healthy homecooked meals, you’ll need to have your kitchen essentials ready. Here is a list of kitchen essentials for your healthy cooking!

Microwave Oven

You can use a microwave oven to steam your healthy ingredients such as vegetables and the best things about it is you can have it done real quick. Steaming is very healthy. By steaming food you can avoid diluting nutrients found in it that are water-soluble. Compared to frying, steaming is the healthier choice. Since a microwave allows you to cook real fast, you won’t have that convenient excuse to stop by a fast food restaurant after having a long day. You can also cook your healthy meals in advance and then just heat it up in the microwave oven.

Meat Thermometer – Many rely on seeing no pink or meat juices running clear to see if the meat is cooked. But the best way to ensure that meat is properly cooked is by checking its internal temperature. Most meats get cooked at 160° F or higher.

Have Different Chopping Boards for Various Food Types – You should have at least two chopping boards in your kitchen. One should be for meat and fish while the other board is for fruits and your vegetables. Wondering why? This is to avoid the spread of food-borne diseases. It is also best to use wooden chopping boards than plastic since bacteria can sneak in to the crevices of chopping boards made of plastic.

Go for Non-Stick Pans – Too much fat and oil in your cooking makes your meals unhealthy. Using a non-stick pan will cut down the amount of oil as well as fat you would need to use when cooking.

Measuring Cups and Spoons – You’ll need to have your handy dandy measuring cups and spoons when you are serious about serving you and your family healthy meals. See to it that you have two sets of measuring cups. One set is for your dry ingredients and the second set is for your wet ingredients.

Food Scale – Portion control is essential in healthy eating. By having a food scale, you would be able to have control on how much you would be taking in and also have a precise measurement of the ingredients of your recipe.

Herbs and Spices – Salt is not the only ingredient that would bring flavour to your dishes. Use herbs and spices so you can lower your sodium intake.

Healthy Oils – Use healthy oils for your dishes such as olive oil. For drizzles and dips, use the culinary Argan oil. Argan oil is healthy for the heart as it lowers down the “bad” cholesterol in your blood. It also boosts the immune system.

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