Get Your Man the Best Skin-Care Shaving Products

Shaving Your Beard Requires Some Important Ingredients

Are nicks and cuts a common sight every time your man shaves? Most men when they nick or cut themselves when shaving would not mind the fact that they just damaged their skin and worse just go on shaving and not mind the pain.

Shaving is a part of most men’s morning routine. Most women love their men clean shaven minus the nicks and
cuts. Most of the time the real reason behind shaving nicks and cuts is making use of the wrong skin care products for shaving. It is true that many men are not aware which shaving products are ideal for their skin.

Here is where you step in and give your man’s morning routine a healthy makeover.You need to get the shaving skin care products that would work best for your man thus avoiding seeing nicks and cuts on his face everytime he shaves.

The Ideal Shaving Products for Your Man

  • Shaving Gel Foam – Get a gel that is packed with moisturiser. Look for the product that has coconut oil and aloe as this will help moisturise his skin and as well protect his skin from getting razor burns.When it comes to the scent of the shaving gel, he may be happy with a warm and woody scent or a crisp grassy scent. Don’t forget to check the scent of the shaving gel as you would want to get one with the scent that he prefers.
  • Shaving Cream – Does he have a sensitive skin? Then you should get him a shaving cream
    formulated for sensitive skin type. Get one that is alcohol-free, oil-free and unscented. Look for the shaving cream that contains kava kava. Kava kava is an anti-inflammatory agent which calms down irritation from the razor.
  • After Shave Balm – Get him an aftershave balm that is loaded with Vitamins E and B5. These two ingredients help moisturise the skin and calm down irritation from shaving.
  • After Shave Lotion – Shaving can cause ingrown hair. Make sure that your man does not
    suffer from ingrown hair by buying him an aftershave lotion. Look for an after shave lotion that contains red algae, peppermint and eucalyptus. An aftershave lotion with these 3 ingredients will help moisturise his skin and prevent ingrown hair from occuring.
  • Argan Oil – Get your man into the habit of daily applying Argan oil to the skin. Argan oil contains nutrients that are essential to the skin. It helps keep the skin young, soft and healthy. It also can remove and prevent his shaving nicks and cuts from scarring.

Keep your man’s skin healthy, fresh and free from shaving nicks and cuts by getting him the best shaving products for his skin type! It is also important that you teach him the proper way to use these skin care products for shaving. Caring for the skin is not just innate to men the way it is for most women.

Make sure that you just don’t hand him over these products. Trust me, he would have no idea how to use these products!

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