Getting the Perfect Haircut for Your Curls

Curly hairs are quite interesting compared to the straight ones. The curls make the hair look more artistic while straight ones look plain. However, knowing the right haircut for your curls could be a challenge.

This is because you are not meant to know these things unless you are a hairstylist. Cutting hair, especially curly types, requires knowledge and skill. However, there are ways, for the unskilled in hair art, to learn the right cut for their hair. It requires a little time and dedication.

  • Compare your hair with others – It is a fact of life that you are not the only one with curly hair. There are tons of others before you. And they have look into your haircut problem way before you did. So compare your hair to them. Look to your friends who have the same hair as you and look at the haircuts that they have. Any of these could be the right one for your curls.
  • Ask your Hairstylist – Ask for the opinion of the person whom you hired to cut your curls. There is a big chance that they know the right haircut for you. This is due to the amount of haircut they give daily. The amount of experience that they have acquired makes them the best people to answer all your questions regarding haircuts and hairstyles.

You can also look into the common haircuts for curly hairs. Here is a list of a few popular ones:

  • Layered and Wavy – Long curls are the typical recipient of this type of hair cut. This also needs time and a lot of care to complete. It will also cost you over $150 if you have to do it on your own with help. If you hire a professional it could cost more.
  • All Layers – If you want a wild and lively style then go all layers. You will end up having a glamorous mane. You can then add color in case your hair is black.
  • Medium Style with Minimal Layers – Do you have thick wavy hair? Then do not put too much layers on it. The only purpose of the layers is to lighten up the bottom part of your hair.
  • Short and Medium Curls – The best short and medium curls were seen on actresses Ashley Judd and Charize Theron. The style was beautiful and even became popular with other female celebrities. So try it out. The hair color does not matter.

You may also need to consider the shape of your face. Short and medium curls are best fit for a slim face. If you are having several treatments for your hair I recommend applying Argan oil to help provide nourishment to your curly locks. This oil is currently proven to provide all the essential nutrients for the scalp and hair.

Also remember that you may need to combine Argan oil with another hair protecting substance in case you plan on blow drying your hair. The Moroccan oil alone may not be enough to protect your hair from the heat.

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