Getting Your Skin’s Groove Back

One Of The Most Important Vitamins For Our Skin Is Vitamin D

It’s another birthday and another year had passed so quickly. You look at the mirror and examine your face. You look closely and low and behold, what do you see? Are those lines you have never seen before? Wrinkles? Probably! Your heart starts to pound faster and harder and you think, “Oh no, I’m getting old!” This is a scenario you wish you could push further down the road until you reach your 80s. And although wrinkles and face lines are a natural part of aging, there are certain wrinkles that may be avoided. Premature wrinkles are preventable. Read on and learn how to get your skin’s natural groove back!

Here are some easy steps on how you can avoid premature wrinkling and how to get your skin’s natural groove back:

  • Making faces will make those lines prominent in your face. Facial actions like grimacing, frowning, and making ugly faces are just some of the facial expressions you need to avoid. If you can’t avoid them, at least don’t exaggerate them.
  • Smoking is bad for your health and your skin. Stop smoking and you’ll have a much greater chance of avoiding premature wrinkles.
  • Looking at the sun causes you to squint your eyes. Squinting causes lines to appear near your eyes. Wear sunglasses when exposed to the sun to avoid these lines.
  • The sun’s rays are harmful not just to your eyes but to the rest of your skin. If you really have to go out in the sun, choose early morning or late afternoon walks to avoid the sun’s strong and harmful rays.
  • Sunscreen is another top secret to protect your skin from the sun and to keep premature wrinkles out. Apply sunscreen before walking outside of your house and reapply when needed. Choose a sunscreen that at least has an SPF of 15.
  • Healthy diets require you to lose weight slowly. This slow lose of weight is actually also good for your skin. When you lose too much weight too fast, aside from it being unhealthy, it could also bring premature wrinkles on your face.
  • Vitamin E and D are important to help reduce damage from the sun. Vitamin D is activated when your skin exposed to healthy sun rays. Unhealthy sun rays are from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Avoid being exposed during those times.
  • Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. Not only this, it is also easily absorbed by the skin so effects are faster and longer. It protects skin from harmful sun rays and gives skin the nourishment it needs. Argan oil is non-greasy and it easily seeps through skin. It is all natural – safe for all skin types.

Your skin can be wrinkle free a lot more longer than normal if you take these tips to heart. Every birthday and every year that has passed will just be happy – no unwanted lines to bother you on these special days. Stay young looking, with clear and supple skin!

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