Give Yourself and Your Family the Gift of Good Health this Christmas

A Great Gift Is The Gift Of Health

The season of giving is once again upon us and if there is one thing that all parents should be giving their families more of, that would be good health. With all the modern gadgets and technological advancements we have, many have seem to forgotten the importance of being in good health. If you think about it such fact seems to be absurd since without being in good health, we can’t go on enjoying life and all the trappings it comes with.

Let’s start with your oil.

Culinary Argan Oil Is a Healthy Choice

The culinary Argan oil is a healthy pick in cooking oils. The oil is extracted from the fruit nuts of the Argan tree that exclusively grows in the southwestern desserts of Morocco. The oil has been called many names including Moroccan oil and liquid gold of Morocco. You may already have in your hands the cosmetic type of this oil which is popularly regarded as a beauty miracle worker, but you should not miss the culinary type of this oil as well. So why should you make this culinary oil a mainstay star of your kitchen? The answer simply lies in its immense health benefits.

Health Benefits of the Culinary Argan Oil

Here are some of the great reasons why this Moroccan oil deserves the spotlight on your kitchen.

  • Heart Benefits
    A 2004 study that was made public in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed that the oil has immense benefits for the heart. The study included two groups of rats. One group was given a diet with the oil while the second group had a diet without the oil. The result was that the rats that were fed Argan oil had a significant lower blood pressure compared to the second group. Similar studies showed that a diet with Argan oil can prevent as well as treat heart disease because of its high content of unsaturated fatty acids or simply what we call as the good fats.
  • Cancer Fighting Benefits
    This culinary oil is good news especially for the men. A study made in 2006 revealed that the oil has the ability to bring down the cells division rate of prostate cancer and it was reported as well that the oil’s components have the ability to make the growth of some types of prostate cancer cells slower. Another great result from the study is that exposure of the prostate cells to the oil’s components reversed the effects of carcinogens on the cancer cells.
    The cancer fighting benefits of the oil is believed to be from its numerous antioxidants. Its antioxidants may also help reduce one’s risk of developing many types of cancer. This is because antioxidants repair damaged cells which and prevent cells from mutating into cancer cells.
  • Diabetes-Fighting Properties
    The oil is considered in Morocco as treatment for diabetes and a study made in 2006 gave evidence that the oil can decrease insulin resistance and in 2009 a study revealed that the oil can reverse the changes in metabolic processes linked to a high sugar-diet therefore preventing the development of diabetes.

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