Give Yourself the Perfect Pedicure

Imagine a gorgeous woman passing by. She has the perfect hair, a glowing complexion, impeccable clothes and appealing strut, but when you looked down at her feet – what horrendous nails! No matter how good you look, you have to make sure that your toenails match your entire appearance.

Our nails tell a lot about us. When your nails are clean, healthy and colorful, it says a lot about your personality. They reflect that you are neat and you care about your physical well-being. On the other hand, if your nails are unclean untrimmed and visually unappealing well go figure.

You do not have to be high maintenance just to have great looking nails. A weekly trip to the salon may not be necessary for there are a lot of ways that you can primp them up by yourself, at home. Aside from saving a lot of effort from making that trip, you can be sure that you would not get infections from unsterilized tools.

Here are some simple ways to give yourself that perfect pedicure at home.

  • Remove old nail polish.
    Saturate a cotton ball with an acetone-free nail polish remover. Carefully press the cotton ball against your nail before wiping your nail in a circular motion. Make sure to remove all traces of your old polish.
  • Soak your feet.
    Dip your feet in warm soapy water. A better alternative is to mix equal parts of lemon juice and Argan oil, then dip your nails in the mixture for at least five minutes. This hydrates your nails and softens the cuticle, making it easier to work on them. Pat your feet dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Remove cuticles.
    Apply cuticle remover to further soften your nails then push your cuticles back with the wedged end of the orangewood stick. You can also trim your cuticles with nippers but you need to be experienced to do this. Otherwise, you may nick yourself.
  • Trim nails.
    Long toenails are kind of unpleasant to look at so trim them to a decent length with a pair of clippers. Make sure not to cut your nails too short as this can cause ingrown toenails and can be very painful. With the emery board, file the nail into a square shape. Use the nail buffer to smooth any roughness on the surface.
  • Exfoliate dead skin.
    Remove dead and dry skin using pumice stone or a skin buffing sponge. You can also make a homemade mixture of oil and salt or raw sugar. Pay attention to rough heels and other parts of your leg. Then rinse away the sloughed-off skin and dry.
  • Moisturize.
    Apply a generous amount of moisturizer such as Argan oil to your feet. Massage it in all over your foot up to your leg and focus especially on the dry areas. Relax and take a breather for about ten minutes to allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer. Then carefully wipe your nails before applying nail polish.
  • Apply nail polish.
    Choose a fabulous color of nail polish and evenly apply two coats on each nail.

With these tips, you can give yourself a pedicure easily!

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