Giving In To What Your Skin Needs

Loving your skin is essential if you would want to maintain young, soft, supple, beautiful skin throughout your years. It’s true, beautiful skin doesn’t come easy. Especially in a world where pollution and pollutants are everywhere, unhealthy foods can be bought just about anywhere, and exercise has become a punishment rather than a necessity. Somehow, in this busy world we are in, living healthily has become a second or even a third priority. Sadly, convenience has now become the top priority for many.


Beautiful skin and good health comes hand in hand. They both can’t come third! It just does not work like that. If you want to look good, you have to give your health top priority. Yes it is so easy and cheap to buy fast food, to get the biggest and most filling burger, and gulp soda all day long. But that’s not what your body and your skin needs.


Your body and your skin need water. How much water? At least 8 8oz glasses of water. As water makes up about 70-75% of one’s total body weight, it is the body’s greatest nutrient. If you lack water in your body, your skin will dry up and age quickly. Especially during extremely hot or extremely cold weather, water becomes even more essential to the body. So if you don’t want your body to wrinkle up early, better drink up on H2O!!!


Skin protects internal organs. Skin serves as the body’s protection against different elements. Skin serves as the body’s temperature regulator. Well, the skin needs protection too. With all its important roles, the skin needs to be protected as well. How? Cover up! When going out into the sun make sure to use an umbrella, wear a hat, wear those big shades, cover up under the trees – and avoid over exposing your skin to the sun. Use sunscreen to help protect your skin from harsh UV rays. Now for both hot and cold weather, protect your skin by moisturizing. A good lotion or any effective moisturizer will help lock in vital moisture to keep your skin healthy.


What is the advantage of oiling your skin up? Oil is probably one of the best moisturizers you’ll use for your skin. But not any ordinary oil will do. Natural oils like argan oil are the best bet for best results. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidants, and different fatty acids that are essential in keeping skin healthy and protected. Argan oil is non-greasy. It easily passes through into the skin and gives all the essential nutrients to your skin. You won’t look or feel greasy. And what is even better is that a bottle of argan oil lasts for a long time. A few drops of this oil will be enough to give nourishment to a lot of skin.

Giving in to what your skin needs shouldn’t be that hard to do if you would like to look and feel young. Give both your body and your skin a break from unhealthy foods, pollution, hard weather, and dehydration. Do your skin some good and get some argan oil for nourishment, moisture, and protection.

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