Go Green in Your Grooming Now!

Want to make sure that you are not harming your health and the health of the environment when going about your personal hygiene and beauty regimen? Here are some tips!

Do It Yourself
Tons of beauty products out in the market are filled with toxic chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been linked to different types of cancers with some already known to cause certain types of cancer. Aside from this, some of these toxic chemicals harm the different systems of the body. The best way to avoid these dangerous chemicals is to make your own beauty treatments at home. You will usually find beautifying ingredients right in your kitchen cupboard. You can easily find recipes for DIY beauty treatments on the internet complete with step by step instructions. Aside from the fact that you would know and you would have control on what goes in the beauty treatments you would be using, you will also find out that they actually cost less and they are just as effective, or in many cases, even more effective than most commercially-sold beauty products.

Check the Label
Consumers should start being aware of what they lather on their skin and hair. The skin absorbs the chemicals that are in the products you use and the scalp is also made of skin and through skin absorption, chemicals from personal care products get into the blood and blood goes to every part of the body. Some of the harmful chemicals in personal care products also get in our system through inhalation. Your best guard against dangerous chemicals is to learn about the toxic chemicals commonly found in personal care products and to make sure that these chemicals are not part of a product’s ingredients. Checking the ingredient label before purchasing should be practiced. It is also ideal to research cosmetics company that have signed the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics compact and those that make use of certified and natural ingredients.

Be Wary of Natural, Organic and Hypoallergenic Labels
It is quite common these days to see beauty and personal care products having the labels “Natural”, “Organic” and “Hypoallergenic” in their packaging. However these labels do not equal to the product being toxic-free. You should know that these terms are not regulated as there is no consensus yet on these labels. So be more scrutinous. You should look for Eco-Cert label and or the USDA Organic seal. These two labels are in use in 80 different countries across the globe. Why should you look for these labels? These labels certify that the product was made with organic ingredients making them good for the body and the environment.

No to Aluminum in Deodorants
Make sure that your deodorant is aluminum-free. Although aluminum is effective in preventing perspiration it comes with ill effects. Aluminum is not only a skin irritant. It may also cause inflammation throughout the body. Since aluminum stops perspiration by blocking pores, this means toxins are not eliminated through sweating.

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