Got Invited to a Wedding? What Should You Wear?

Wedding Day Is A Very Special Day So Make Sure You Look Your Best

When you receive a wedding invitation, one of the very first things that would run into your mind is what you would wear on this joyous event. Of course, you don’t want to outshine the bride and take away attention from the marrying couple with your attire but you’d want to look your best at the very least presentable.

Casual Wedding Event

Should you get invited to a casual wedding, you can come as you usually dress. If the soon to be wedded couple are the free spirited type or are artistes, come as you usually dress would be expected. They may choose to have their friends and they themselves just casually dressed for the occasion so that it’s more special and downright real. If the marrying couple requests to come as you are, do not come in all dressed up.

Semi-formal Attire

If the wedding calls for a semiformal attire what should you wear? You can choose to wear clothes made of light and airy materials. You can also wear something adorned with details such as a lace detail, peplum as well as embellishments. If the wedding is to take event during the daytime, it is more ideal to wear something in a lighter tone or colour. If the wedding ceremony is to take event during night time, go for darker tones or colours. If you are on a tight budget, there is no need to buy a new outfit. You can just accessorise a few of your clothes and your pieces will be wedding-worthy.

Formal Wedding Attire

So what is formal these days? With our fashion sense always evolving, clothings that were nor considered as formal before may now be accepted as formal attires in this modern time. Just to be on the safer side, you can choose to wear a dress having a mid-calf length. A dress with a floor-skimming length will also do. When it comes to the fabrics, chiffon, silk and even jersey would be ideal. Wearing a short dress is not forbidden. But make sure that when you do see to it that your cocktail dress is in a formal fabric as well as cut. And of course, you must wear a pair of heels.

Beach Wedding

When attending a beach wedding ceremony, keep in mind the elements when deciding on what to wear. A pantsuit that has a flowy design or a jersey dress will be ideal as wearing such will let you move around with great comfort. Sandals are of course the best footwear to have on.

Garden Wedding Event

When this is the theme of the wedding, bright coloured pieces will be the ideal pick! Wearing a bright coloured attire will make the mood brighter and happier and the bonus part is you’ll look great in the wedding photos. It is best to pick clothes made from fabrics that take in natural light.

Aside from your clothes, pay attention to your hair and skin. Make sure that your hair is healthy and manageable. Condition it regularly with Argan oil. Apply Moroccan Argan oil daily on your skin to keep it moisturised and looking all vibrant and youthful!

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