Great Tips About Caring For Your Nails

When asked a simple question: What are nails for? Most people would not know the answer. It really is a bit tricky. We’ve always known that the eyes are for seeing, the ears are for hearing, the nose for breathing… but the nails? Ummm… the nails are for scratching?! Is that it? Well, although nails and scratching are closely related the nails hold a much more important role than just that. Do we have nails just so we can put polish on them, have mini art works of sorts? Aesthetics, is that what nails are for? It is fun to paint our nails, but that is not exactly why nails were created. So, what are nails for?

Nail Facts

Nails are windows to one’s health. If the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, the nails are closely examined to learn more about a person’s health. Serving an important role in our lives, nails serve as a health indicator. If you are taking notice of your nails and you know how to read signs, many ailments and conditions manifest themselves through the nails. If you are able to spot these signs quickly, you could be warned way ahead of time about an internal disease that you have no idea of.

Various diseases may show different signs on your nails. Often they leave distinctive signs on the nail bed or even on the skin surrounding the nails. If you are observant and you care for your nails regularly, you would be able to spot changes on your nails and the skin around it. Although changes may be because of some nail diseases like infections, more often than not, nails get damaged by general body diseases and health conditions. So it pays to be observant and to keep your nails healthy and clean to be able to spot a difference in them that could save your life.

Argan and Nails

When it comes to caring for your nails, keeping your nails healthy is the sure solution for you to notice disease signs and symptoms. An easy and sure way for you to get the essential nutrients to your nails is by using argan oil.

Argan oil is great for the nails because of its rich nutritional value. With twice as much vitamin E than other oils, argan is able to keep nails strong and cuticle soft. Regular application of argan on both finger and toe nails will keep your nails clear and healthy thereby allowing you to see changes when diseases do arise.

Aside from vitamin E, argan is also rich in essential fatty acids that help protect the nails from free radicals. This among many other nutritional values of argan fights to keep the nails infection and disease free. Argan oil will also keep your nails moisturized, a very important factor since nails take a lot of abuse as it is repeatedly exposed to harsh detergents and chemicals.

It is important to take good care of your nails. Obviously, nails are not just for decoration. You use your nails daily and keeping them clean and healthy will allow your nails to be in top shape all the time.

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