Grooming Essentials for Men on the Go!

Men Also Needs To Groom Themselves

If you’re a man who is always travelling for your job or your business then you would need to make sure that you have in your bag grooming necessities for the travelling man! You don’t want looking all messy when you’re trying to close a business deal or get people to trust you and your business. We have to admit that people do make judgments based on our looks and if you mean business you should always be well-groomed!

So what should you pack in your travelling bag? How would you go about your to-go grooming kit? Here are some ideas!

Essentials to Pack When Travelling

  • A bottle of shampoo
    Don’t think that soap covers all parts of your body and your hair. Soaps can dry your hair so stop using soap on your crowning glory. If your travels mean you’ll miss taking a shower for a few days, it’s best to use s shampoo that has an instant revitalising effect to hair that has missed washing for several days.
  • Sunscreen
    You should never forget to pack in your bag a bottle of sunscreen lotion whatever the season may be. Lather on sunscreen lotion everyday so that your skin gets the protection it needs against damaging free radicals. Applying sunscreen lotion on your skin daily will also minimise your risk of getting skin cancer.
  • A bottle of essential oils
    Most essential oils have calming effects to the body. Lavender essential oil for example helps relax the body. Most travelers would have a hard time getting some much needed sleep especially if there is a huge time difference involved. What with the jet lag and a different time zone, your body clock can get confused. Essential oils like lavender oil can help you sleep well. A good night’s sleep will make you look fresh and alert, ready to face the day ahead!
  • Lip Balm
    Don’t think that carrying this in your bag will make you less of a man. There is no such thing. You’ve probably been bothered with dry, chapped and sometimes bleeding lips. You can avoid this by having a lip balm handy. The elements such as the sun, wind and cold temperature can dry out your lips. It is best to opt for lip balms with SPF. You’ll have to remember that your pair of lips is skin too!
  • Moroccan Argan Oil
    You should never forget to pack a bottle of Argan oil in your travelling bag. This oil is great for the skin, hair and nails. With the oil having numerous antioxidants, lathering on the oil on your skin daily will keep the skin protected from damage. It is also loaded with essential fatty acids and Sterols which would help moisturise the skin! These same nutrients will help protect and keep the hair moisturised! Coating the nails with Argan oil regularly will keep the nails strong and moisturised!

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