Guilt-Free Eating!

If eating unhealthy food is a crime, then most of us, if not all, would already be in jail by now. Whether or not we have weight issues, we often feel guilty of eating too much. I believe though that more than the amount, it’s the kind of food we eat that we should be guilty about.

If you want to binge, there is a way to do it the guilt free way. Choosing foods that are healthy and good for the skin will surely leave you refreshed and happy even after you’ve eaten a little too much.

You can never eat too much of salmon. Smoke it or mix it with your salads… indeed, there are countless ways to enjoy this healthy dish. Salmon is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Having the right amount of this essential fat in your system is important especially for people who want to prevent the dreaded problem called acne. Omega-3 comes hand in hand with omega-6 fats found in processed foods that contain soybean oil. If one of the two is lacking, inflammation occurs. The result – an overproduction of oil that leads to acne.

Argan Oil
Did you know that there’s a great, organic oil that you can drizzle on just about any dish to give it a healthy boost? Yes, I’m talking about the infamous, culinary Argan oil. Let me tell you…this miracle oil didn’t get famous for no reason. Hailed as the liquid gold, Argan oil provides the body with essential fatty acids and nutrients such as Vitamin E, Sterols and, Squalene that promote cell regeneration. This process is important in the fight against aging. If dead cells get replaced by cells fed with the same nutrients, then you’ll remain on the same track as far as aging goes…meaning a day older than you were yesterday. However, if your dying cells get replaced by stronger, healthier cells, then experts insist anti-aging begins.

Alpha-Linolenic acid or ALA is what makes walnuts stand out from the rest of the nut family. This essential fat helps prevent eczema often characterized by dry, scaly skin. If the thought of having flakes already make you cringe (like me!), then go snack on walnuts now and give your skin a moisture boost. Add them on your salads and pastas and you’ll be soon saying bye-bye to dry, flaky skin in no time.

Sweet Potatoes
If you like to feel more full, rather than snack on walnuts, why not snack on sweet potatoes instead. Roast them and eat them as it is or add them on your favorite dish. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene that keeps skin soft and smooth. Avoid frying and drowning them in sugar though. A healthier alternative is baking or roasting.

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