Habits to Avoid to Look Young!

External causes of aging are things than can be avoided. Health and lifestyle decisions play important roles in causing premature skin aging. In reality, the choices you make today will help determine the kind of “look” you will have an a few years time. Wrong decisions will bite you one way or another – making you look older, faster.

If you would like to look young, you should be able to realize the habits that could cause you to look a lot older than your actual age. In truth, you may be 27 but look 5-10 years older. Your skin may sometimes show an age that you would not be proud to hear.

So here are some bad habits you need to kick out of your life to help you look young:

  1. Cigarette Smoking – yes it is bad for your health and for your skin. If you are a smoker or are always around people who smoke, then you will have more wrinkles than you should. Cigarette is damaging to the skin and it causes dryness. This is because cigarette smoke, whether you are the smoker or just happens to be a second hand recipient of the smoke, takes away vitamin C in the body which is important in keeping skin moist.
  2. Exposure to the Sun – wrinkles, freckles, brown spots, dry, and sagging skin – these are all effects of over exposure to the sun. You may think that a little tan is cool during the summer, but imagine what damage over exposure to the UV rays can do to your skin in the long run. Sun exposure is not only aging to the skin, it also increases the risk of skin cancer.
  3. Exposure to the Cold – dryness brought about by cold winds and low temperatures cause for damaged skin. Dryness of the skin will make skin lose elasticity and look older.
  4. Not Enough Exercise – a good and regular exercise regimen will keep your blood flowing and will also tone your muscles. Not only these, exercise will also make skin flexible and young looking. You’ll look and feel young when you exercise.
  5. Not Being Able to Handle Stress Correctly – stress is terrible for one’s body. Not only will stress make you look old, it will drain you out of good energy and vibes. Know how to channel and handle your stress. Problems will always arise, knowing how to handle your personal stress level will help you stay and feel young.
  6. Alcohol – alcohol contributes to the dilation of small blood vessels in the skin and also increases blood flow. These cause damage to the skin – breaking vessels and giving the skin a flushed appearance.
  7. Not Enough Sleep – if you do not get enough rest, you’re bound to feel and look older than your real age. Lines and eye bags show up on your face and your skin gets a good beating too – showing signs of fatigue and depression.


Good habits such as using a moisturizer to help look and feel young are a good direction to go to. Argan oil is a safe product that can be used on a daily basis. Rich in important components to help your skin be protected from various elements such as the weather and smoke, argan oil becomes a layer of protection for your skin. Its strong components will help fight premature aging and you are sure to get good results from using it.

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