Had Too Much Fun Under the Sun?

Staying Too Long Under The Sun Can Be Detrimental To Your Skin

Now that summer has officially ended, it is time to get our skin ready for the fall season. The sun, surf and sand were definitely tons of fun and some of us probably had too much fun and our skin have had to suffer the consequences of our overindulgence. Sure, summer was fun but the aftermath or shall we say the damages this season gave our skin are not so much fun. Of course, we want to look our best as we bid the summer season goodbye and say hello to the fall season. Here are some tips on how you can repair summer damage and look your best this fall season.

  • Time to go for creamy cleansers. Once the fall season sets in, the temperature will start going down and as we go further down the season, the temperature would plummet, making you shiver. This drop in temperature will make the air dry making your skin dry. The strong winds that usually blow during the fall season will also rob your skin of its natural oils, therefore dry skin will be a dilemma. So better start using creamier cleansers or cleansers with moisturising effects.
  • Wake your skin up. Taking a shower has this refreshing effect on the skin. Of course, taking a shower means washing away dirt, grime and toxins that are latching on to your skin. Don’t take a hot shower, the normal tap temperature would do but if it feels too cold, just set the temperature to lukewarm. For that refreshing feel, choose a body wash with peppermint oil.
  • Seal in the moisture. Right after taking a shower, seal in the moisture by applying moisturiser. You’re best bet into keeping your skin well hydrated all throughout the season is the liquid gold of Morocco known as the Argan oil. The oil contains high amounts of both essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which are known for their moisturising properties. It also contains Sterols which help lock in moisture into the skin. Aside from Vitamin E, Argan oil comes with other antioxidants such as Ferulic acid, Carotenoids and Polyphenols. These antioxidants will protect the skin from environmental damage and also repair the damage the skin has sustained during the fun summer season.
  • Keep your body hydrated. This past summer season you probably have always been drinking water to cool off and fight the sweltering heat. This constant drinking of water of course ensured that your body was well hydrated all summer long. But it is also important to keep your body hydrated all year long. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables with high water content. Try switching your cup of coffee to a cup of herbal tea at least once a week.

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