Hair Care: Be Paraben-Free

Why should you make sure that your hair products are free from parabens? The simple answer is to avoid serious health problems in the long run. In fact, you should see to it that all of your personal care products are paraben-free.

Parabens What?

So you may be wondering already what parabens are. Not many people are actually aware of Parabens. But parabens are found in many products such as your shampoo, conditioner, moisturisers, body wash, toothpaste and many more personal care products. Parabens are also used as food additives. Parabens are added in many products as preservatives to extend its shelf life.

Why Are Parabens Harmful

So what are the harmful effects of parabens to the body? There is an ongoing debate about parabens and whether they are harmful or not. Many studies have been conducted for both sides of the debate. However it is important to note that some studies suggessts that parabens can be harmful and there are also studies that have linked parabens to cancer.

Studies revealed that parabens mimic estrogen which is a hormone that plays a crucial role in the development of breast cancer. Researches that have been conducted reveal parabens in breast tumors. It is always better to be safe than sorry. I can also quote an old saying that says an ounce of prevention is better that a pound of cure. We all know that up until today, the different types of cancer have no cure yet and results on cancer treatments vary from one patient to another. So right now, ask yourself. Are you willing to risk your life for a shampoo, toothpaste, moisturiser or lotion or any other personal care product filled with parabens? I for one can say that my life is worth more than any of all the personal care products in the world combined.

Safer Alternatives

It is best to seek out safer alternatives and yes for hair care there are safer products that you can use. Choose to go with organic products. Remember to choose only a pure organic product meaning the product does not contain toxic chemicals and made from materials free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

A great product you can use for your hair is the Moroccan Argan oil. This oil holds nutrients that are essential to the hair. It is loaded with high amouns of Vitamin E which repairs, restores and renew damaged hair. Hair is made stronger because of the unsaturated essential fatty acids found in this oil. The Argan oil also aids in hair growth and makes uncontrollable hair manageable. Frizz and dryness of the hair is avoided with the use of the oil.

Switch Now!

The time to switch to safer alternatives is now! Don’t expose yourself on any potentially damaging chemicals found in your hair care or other personal care products. Start checking the ingredient labels of your hair and skin care products and if they contain parabens, it is best to throw them out now!

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