Hair Care is as Easy as ABC

Hair Care Doesn't Require A Bachelor's Degree

People are always concerned about the appearance of their hair. Even men strive to attain beautiful and healthy hair. In fact, most would go to lengths just to have healthy and shining locks. But, a trip to the beauty salon or buying expensive hair products is not the only answer. Without proper hair care, healthy and beautiful hair will remain an impossible dream.

The ABC of Hair Care

Often, people would rather buy expensive products to ensure the health and beauty of their hair. What many people forget is that basic hair care is important in the quest for beautiful, shining tresses. So what should you do to get strong and beautiful hair? Don’t worry. Basic hair care is as easy as ABC.

A – Always keep your hair clean

Your hair type will determine your cleansing routine. If your hair is dry, you will need less frequent washing so as not to wash away the hair’s natural oil (sebum). Use lukewarm water for washing your hair. Never wash your hair with hot water because it can strip off sebum and leave the hair dull and dry.

Choose a mild shampoo to wash away dirt and oil. Comb out tangles before washing to prevent pulling on your hair while you wash. Use your fingertips and not your nails, to gently scrub your scalp. Rinse hair thoroughly to wash off all the shampoo and maximize your hair’s shine.

B – Be gentle

Your hair adds to your beauty thus it deserves to be treated with care. Hair breakage is the one of the most common of hair problems. Avoid styles that require you to pull on your hair such as tight ponytails or tiny braids. These hair styles will pull at your hair, weaken the roots and damage the hair follicle.

Hair is at its weakest when it is wet and brushing your hair when it is wet can easily cause damage. Always comb your hair before brushing. Untangle your hair using a wide-toothed comb to prevent breakage.

Give blow dryers a rest every now and then and let your hair dry naturally. Frequent exposure to strong heat weakens the hair shaft and makes you vulnerable to hair loss. Also, moisture is lost when blow drying which makes your hair look dry and lifeless.

C- Condition regularly

Condition your hair every time you wash it. If you have long hair, you should condition more often. Conditioners help make your hair look smooth and beautiful. Deep condition at least once a month to return lost moisture to hair and lay the cuticle flat.

Use Argan oil, a 100% natural oil from Morocco. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids that smooth and coats the hair shaft, leaving it moisturized and shiny without feeling greasy. Because of its high vitamin E and antioxidant content, Argan oil nourishes hair and helps keep it healthy and young looking. Massage this wonderful oil into your hair and scalp while it is still damp to lock in moisture.

Treat your hair with care by following these basic hair care tips.

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