Hair Care: Let’s Talk About “Hairy” Terms

How well do you know terms used in describing natural hair? Care to get a better understanding of these “hair” terms? Read on! The Big Chop – This term is used when a significant portion of the hair is cut down to the new hair growth. It is common for people who had their hair relaxed or those with damaged hair to opt for this cut. The big chop also called the BC removes the relaxer or the damaged sections of the hair. Braids – Usually braids have cornrows of plaits that come in different sizes. For those who are wondering how braids are done, they are formed with three groups of hair intertwined using a certain pattern. Braid-Out – When you have the braid out style, the plaits or cornrows are taken out of the hair. This leaves a crimped pattern. Cornrows – The cornrows style means the braids are attached to the scalp. Usually they are vertical but not all the time. Co-Washing – What does this term means? This just simply means using conditioner in washing the hair instead of shampoo. Co-washing is usually recommended for dry hair since conditioners are great in locking in moisture. Co-washing is done just like how you normally shampoo your hair (sans the shampoo of course). Curl Pattern – This refers to the pattern of one’s natural hair. Curl patterns differ from one person to another. Some would have their hair tightly coiled sporting a z shaped pattern while some have patterns resembling tightly coiled spirals. There are some curl patterns that are loose spirals and some are waves. Dreadlocks – Dreadlocks is when the hair is twisted and put to matte together. This created a tightly woven hairstyle which often resembles a rope. Dreadlocks is often shortened and referred to as “Locs”. Flat Twists – Flat twists are attached to the head. These twists are like cornrows but flat twists are formed using only two groups of hair instead of three. Hair Stretching – Hair stretching is a method that enables you to make your hair a little longer. This method releases some of your hair’s natural coils which then add to the length of your hair. There are products that can make curl patterns elongated therefore adding length to the hair. One of the simplest hair stretching techniques is the use of a blow dryer on low heat and aimed at the very roots of hair. Shingling – If you are not familiar with this term this simply refers to one applying conditioner, oil or gel and cremes to just washed natural hair then running the fingers, a comb or brush to stretch as well as define the curl pattern of one’s natural hair. Shingling is done while the hair is still wet. These are just some of the hairy terms that are usually thrown around. We’ll discuss more natural hair terms in one of our future posts. Keep asking your friends to like our Facebook page and we’ll keep posting more health and beauty tips!