Hair Care Tip: The Good Fats Can Help Solve Your Hair Problems

Not All Fats Are Evil, Only Most Are
As soon as your hair pops out of your head, it is dead. Why then do we even bother to exert effort, time and money for its care when it is dead anyway? Whether you like it or not, beauty is often judged by how your hair looks and how much of it you have left on your head. Hair is one of the defining factors of beauty. So who wants dull, lifeless and thinning hair? Apparently, no one does. People use shampoos, conditioners and a whole range of hair care products to keep their mane healthy and beautiful and prevent a host of hair problems. What if the solution to your hair problems is actually simpler?

The hair on your head

The only part of your hair that is alive is the follicle. Hair follicles cover your entire body, except for your palms, eyelids, lips and soles of your feet. The follicle lies beneath your skin and pushes the hair cuticle out of the skin. The hair cuticle is coated with a layer of oil from the oil glands beside the follicle. The oil keeps the hair strands lubricated and soft. It also protects your hair from the elements and keeps it flexible and strong.

Your diet and your hair

When your diet does not provide your hair with the right nutrients, specifically fat, your hair cuticle comes out dry, brittle and susceptible to breakage. When you consume the wrong kinds of fat, your hair is deprived of the oil that keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Your hair is made up of proteins called keratins that provide strength to your hair. But without the right fats, keratins cannot provide the protection your hair needs to combat dehydration and fight against becoming brittle. For the new hair to come out healthy and strong, your hair follicle needs the right fats. On our new comprehensive article, you’ll know which keratin treatment is best for your hair.

The right fats can bring out healthy, strong hair

Essential fats are known to be natural moisturizers. These fats provide moisture from the inside and ensure that the oil glands produce enough lubrication for the new hair growing out from the follicles. The oil will keep your hair’s cuticle moist and healthy, preventing the onset of hair problems. Essential fatty acids are poly-unsaturated fats that you have to get from food because they are not produced by the body. Infuse your diet with essential fats by eating the right kinds of food. Fish, nuts and flaxseed oils are good sources of essential fatty acids. Another good source of poly-unsaturated fatty acids is Argan oil from Morroco. The oil is also packed with antioxidants that provide your hair anti-aging benefits. A lack of essential fats in your diet can result in dry hair which can cause your hair to become brittle and weak eventually leading to hair loss. While baldness seems to be too far away, it is a real possibility. Assess your diet to ensure that you get amounts necessary for healthy hair growth.

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