Hair Grooming Basics!

It may be safe to say that all women long to wear beautiful hair whether short, long or with curls. Beautiful hair is one that is healthy. To have a healthy crowning glory, one would need to follow a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and should know how to care for their locks properly. Proper hair care helps ensure that hair is kept healthy.

To ensure that you’re looking after your locks properly, you should know the basics of hair grooming.

Hair Grooming 101

Are you sure you’re doing your hair more good than harm when grooming? Check out these hair grooming basics we’ve listed.

  • On Combs and Hairbrushes
    It is important that you keep your combs and brushes clean. Give them a good wash once a week with either soap or shampoo. Stay away from combs having sharp teeth as they are damaging to your hair. This type of comb would only end up giving you split ends and an irritated scalp. The best combs and brushes to use are those with smooth tips and bristles that are widely spaced.It is also best to refrain from using brushes and combs made from plastic as they can produce static electricity which can damage the hair. See to it that you’ve untangled tangles with a comb before brushing your locks and remember to brush or comb your hair using a downward stroke. Be patient and wait for your hair to dry before brushing or combing as hair is at its most vulnerable state when wet.
  • Applying Shampoo and Conditioner
    It is important to wash the hair in a thorough manner before putting shampoo on your hair so that dust, dirt, grime and other impurities are rinsed away. The best way to apply shampoo is first onto the scalp then massaging it gently using the tips of your fingers working your way from the inside out. Have patience and allow the shampoo stay on the scalp for several minutes then rinse thoroughly so that no residue is left. Shampoo residue can dry the scalp as well as the locks and can trap dirt.To moisturise the hair even better use a conditioner. Not only will your conditioner keep the hair soft and well hydrated, it also offers added protection, shine and lustre. Applying conditioner on your hair will also bring down static and makes untangling an easier task. When applying conditioner on your hair, it is important to not let it touch your scalp and the roots of your locks. This is because your scalp and roots usually have the most concentration of the hair’s natural oils so they don’t usually need added moisturising. Apply from the ears down instead.

    It’s best to use shampoos especially formulated for your hair type. Go for natural hair care products free of harmful chemicals. To make sure that you’re using products without toxic chemicals, check its ingredients. Some ingredients to avoid are Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance and Formaldehyde.

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