Why Does Hair Stop Growing Long As You Age?

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Have you noticed that your hair doesn’t grow very long? Does it seem to shorten as the years go by? Your hair length is influenced by your genes and immediate environment. In fact, most hair only grows around one centimeter each month.

To compound the slow growth, your hair also has a cycle of growing for only two to four years before it naturally falls out. Growing older doesn’t help this growth cycle because it also slows down over time. To grow those luxurious locks once again, try these tips that can make a difference into your senior years.

Avoid Excessive Styling

Permanents and heat styling will quickly damage your hair, and it will no longer grow very long. Try to use as few styling techniques as possible. Allow your hair to air dry and grow out naturally. The results will be longer hair in a shorter amount of time, especially as you reach your retirement years.

Amp Up Your Metabolism

Increasing your metabolism as it decreases in the senior years will directly influence your hair’s length. In essence, rapid metabolism gives rise to more cellular growth and replacement. Try these metabolism boosters for mature women, such as: • Lifting lightweight dumbbells • Drinking ice-cold water • Adding spicy ingredients to your meals

Consider Your Protein Intake

Lengthen your hair by eating more protein in your diet. You’ll burn this food at a slower pace, which contributes to more nutrients moving to your scalp and hair. These two elements within protein directly impact your hair length, including: • Iron • Zinc

Using Natural Oils For The Hair Is A Great Idea

Deep Condition Every Week

With so many conditioners to choose from, you may not know which ones will make a difference in your hair length. Try argan oil for your conditioning needs. Rub a few drops of this nut oil into your hair at night. You’ll wake up with glossy hair that’s primed to grow.

Try a Nighttime Ritual

Don’t wait once a week to add argan oil to your hair. Apply it each night so that it’s constantly working on growing your hair through cellular-repair processes. Add it to your shampoo for an extra benefit to your hair’s length.

Your Follicles and Argan Oil

It’s a fact that argan oil also nourishes the scalp when you rub it into the skin and hair. By caring for the follicles, you’ll notice these effects, such as:

Educate everyone about your hair-growth secrets by sharing your story in the comment section below. Your genetics will determine the ultimate length, but you can fight nature with argan oil and other strategies. Long, gorgeous hair can be yours with some attention to today’s advanced beauty tips.