Hair Ironing Tips from the Experts

Lack Of Proper Knowledge Is Hair Ironing Can Ruin Your Hair

This subject got me all excited (squealing inside…Eeep!) Yes, I am Miss Iron Lady, someone who can’t go out without ironing her hair first. My friend asked me before if I’m unafraid of damaging my hair.

My usual response is that my hair already looked damaged so might as well damage it with a tool that would make it appear great, right? Right? Apparently, experts do not agree. ( I’m not surprised!) Celebrity hairstylists say there is a way to minimize damage from ironing your hair regularly. They insist if you iron your hair the right way, you don’t have to say goodbye to healthy hair forever.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ironing your hair guilt-free.

Small, Medium, Large

Apparently, flat irons come in different sizes. You have to pick the right size to minimize risk of overheating and damaging your tresses. For short hair, experts say it’s best to use irons with plates half an inch to one inch thick. This will make it easier for you to iron your hair in sections. If you have long hair though, wider plates are advisable. This will allow you to cover more area faster, reducing your hair’s exposure to heat.

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Aside from size, there is also the right heat setting for your hair. You’re lucky if the iron you have now have heat settings. If you have fine or damaged hair, set your iron to 250 to 300 degrees. If you have medium or average hair, you can go a little hotter than that, around 300 to 350 degrees. You can go up to 350 to 400 degrees if you have thick or coarse hair.

Gentle Irons

Not all irons are created equal. Go for those that use ceramic, tourmaline or titanium metal plates. Experts say these irons heat more evenly and are gentler to your hair. Be wary though of irons that claim that they’re plates are ceramic or Teflon coated. Usually, these irons heat unevenly and can dry your hair more.

Prepping Your Hair is a Must

This means you cannot skip on your shampoo and conditioner when you have plans of ironing your hair for the day. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner suit your hair type as well. For instance, if you have very fine hair, then hair products that have volumizing effect will help boost the effects of ironing.

The same goes for the leave-in conditioner that you will be using right after a shower. Make sure it has built-in heat protection technology that will minimize damage from the heat. Also, do not iron your hair when it’s still wet. Blow-dry hair first before ironing.

Treat Regularly

Despite all these tips, ironing your hair regularly will still have an effect on your hair. To compensate, make sure you treat your hair regularly with products that could bring it back to its former glory. Argan oil is a great hair straightener oil that you can use regularly. No need for a professional to help you with this. Just massage Argan oil from your scalp to your hair tips after shower.