Hair Loss Solutions: What Are Your Options?

Hair loss is a natural occurrence albeit an undesirable one. Of course, nobody wants to experience excessive hair fall, thinning hair and eventual baldness. More so for women who consider the hair their crowning glory.

The hair growth cycle includes a hair fall phase called exogen. This is when hair falls out and starts to grow the follicles back, beginning a new cycle. All this is normal if hair loss is up to 100 strands daily. When you start to exceed this normal limit, this is when it starts to become alarming even if there are no health risks at all.

What Causes Hair Loss

Here are some of the top causes of hair loss.

  • Poor eating habits mean that your body is not getting the right amount of nutrients. Hair follicles require nutrients for growth and repair.
  • Medical conditions such as thyroid problems and long-term illnesses can also cause hair fall. Certain medications also induce hair fall.
  • Stress can cause hormonal changes and imbalance that can promote hair fall.
  • Improper hair care habits and use of products that contain harsh chemicals.
  • Hair style preferences such as a tight bun, tiny little braids and using accessories that pull at your hair.

What are your options?

Now that you know what causes hair fall, what can you do? Here are 5 options for you to seriously consider.

  • Medical Solutions
    Medications to treat hair loss are available but make sure to consult your doctor first. Some over the counter medications can have harmful side effects. Hair replacement surgery, where artificial hair is transplanted on those areas on your scalp where there is no hair, is now rapidly becoming a popular option.
  • Healthy Diet
    Oftentimes, early symptoms of a poor health condition show up on your hair. Eat a healthy diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating foods that are high in fats and drink lots of water. Water helps to improve circulation thus ensuring efficient distribution of nutrients in your body.
  • Stress Management
    Live a balanced lifestyle. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jill’s hair dull and gray! Stress is closely linked to hair loss. Learn to manage stress. Take up a hobby, go out with friends, spend time with your family avoid working long hours.
  • Healthy Hair Care
    Healthy hair means strong roots, healthy follicles and less hair fall. Keep your hair clean by washing at least once a day. Choose a mild shampoo suited for your hair type. Lather with a conditioner after every washing. Limit hair treatments (straightening, perms, coloring) that apply chemicals to your hair and always have a professional do it for you.
  • Argan Oil Habit
    Get into the habit of using Argan oil. Massage the oil onto your hair once or twice a week. The oil contains nutrients such as essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants that will help nourish your hair. The massage will improve blood circulation on your head thus make your hair follicles strong and healthy.

A healthy head of hair adds up to your total appearance and self-confidence. Stop hair loss now.

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