Which Shower Tricks keep your Hair Healthy?

Do you constantly have issues with your hair? Frizzy, greasy or split-end issues can plague women, especially as they grow into their senior years.

Healthy hair is a sign of overall vitality and youth. Thick, luxurious hair signifies that you take care of yourself.

Take control of your hair by using these shower tricks. Simple changes to your habits can quickly make a difference along the hair shafts. You’ll have hair that reminds you of your 20s in no time.

1. Deep Condition

Skip the traditional conditioner that looks like an everyday lotion. Use argan oil before or after your shower.

Deep condition the hair before you shower, or keep it on as a leave-in product after you’re cleaned up.

Essential oils move into the shaft to nourish the locks and produce a healthier head of hair.

2. Grab A Shirt

Your towel is creating hair problems as you dry off. These materials are designed to pull any liquids away from your hair, including beneficial oils.

Pull a t-shirt from your bedroom, and use this material as your drying tool. It only wicks water away from your hair so that oils remain in place as natural moisturizers.

3. Focus On The Scalp

Use your favorite shampoo, but change how you apply it. Don’t lather up the hair ends and lengths.

You want to concentrate your massage on the scalp where the excess oils build up into greasy sections. The rest of the locks will be washed as the shampoo rinses out from the scalp.

4. Make It Cold

You might love a hot shower or bath, but your hair can’t take the heat. Use cold water on those tresses. If a cold shower is too intense, wash your hair separately in a sink.

You’ll have shinier hair with fewer frizzy conditions across your head.

5. Take Time Off

Women have the habit of washing their hair every day. Stop this routine, and commit to shampooing only two or three times a week.

The natural oils in your hair can moisturize the locks so that healthier hair is the result.

Apply argan oil to the hair after a shampoo, and its moisturizing properties can remain in the tresses for several days.

6. Brush With Care

Avoid brushing with long strokes that only damage your hair over time. After a shower, you need to focus on the tips of your hair.

Carefully remove the tangles from the bottom up. Your hair will be healthier when you don’t stress out the shafts with pulling and snapping some of the sections.

7. Stop Long Showers

Long showers at any temperature will simply force the oils in your hair to disappear. The body compensates by producing even more oils that form a greasy look at the scalp.

Short showers allow the oils to remain in your hair for longer time periods.

The greasy appearance won’t be an issue, and you can followup that shower with some argan oil on the tresses for additional health benefits

Purchase a bottle of argan oil today. Follow these tips as you apply the oil, and you’ll see dramatic results.

Remember to share your own tips with others in the comment section below. Healthy hair can be yours with some diligent care and attention.