What Are The Hairstyle Trends For 2017?

Diamond, round and square shapes are just a few of the facial details that you must deal with as you choose among hairstyles and color applications. In 2017, there are countless hair trends to explore and enjoy. By using your features as a guide, pick out the best, new style for your locks today.

1. Bending The Hair

If your hair is shoulder length or longer, try a bending hairdo. Use a hair straightener in order to bend several, 90-degree angles into the shaft. As the hair falls out of the straightener, it has a softer angle to its shape. These hairstyles look spectacular on certain face shapes, including:

• Round

• Heart-shaped

Make sure that every hair section has random bends to it so that the entire style has some volume to its shape. Try this look with or without bangs. It goes from a beach-casual environment to an evening out in no time.

2. Go Golden Bronde

When you want a hair color that works for all skin tones, turn to 2017’s top hue called golden bronde. It’s essentially a mixture of three colors, such as:

• Blonde

• Gold

• Brown

Your hairstylist can color your hair with the basic description of “golden bronde” now that it’s a mainstream trend. Ask about slight variations to the color if you want more of a brown or blonde appearance. Changing light during the day will complete the look for you as reflections make the color pop out.

3. Managing The Trends

Regardless of the color or chosen style, you’ll need to control your hair’s shape and health. Consider argan oil for your locks. This natural oil is in its purest form, which allows it to absorb into your hair with ease.

Argan oil controls frizz while adding hydration to the hair shaft. This essential oil also has key nutrients that nourishes the hair too. By using it each day as a hair conditioner, you’ll notice a shine and brilliance that’s noticeable in any light.

4. Extreme Parts And Up-Dos

Part your hair to the side, but make sure this division is on the extreme left or right of your face. These styles look wonderful on long faces because the attention is pulled to the extreme part instead of the facial shape. Use the extreme part with a ponytail to make an even greater impression.

Square and oval face shapes are complemented by this year’s up-dos. Tie a ponytail as high as possible on your scalp. Leave it as a simple look with just the hair tie, or add some pizazz to the style with a bow or other accessory.

5. The Advanced Highlights

Forget about the foil highlights when your color stylist can just paint your hair with detailed beauty. Balayage is this year’s highlight trend that allows color to be added to almost any part of the hair length. Ideally, you should have long hair for the most impact with balayage.

Any face shape works with this highlight technique too. You simply need a stylist who can apply this board-to-hair service.

Make “fabulous” your middle name by choosing an attractive hairstyle and color today. With the right look for your face shape, this trend can last you the entire year. Share this article with others as you find the trend that fits your personality with flair.