Hair Styling Tricks: How to Wake Up With Beautifully Styled Hair

Time is a luxury that many of us do not have. With a million of things to juggle, there are days when we don’t even have time for hair styling. For some people, waking up way early just to do the hair is impossible. Then there are days when your alarm clock did not go off or you hit the snooze button one too many times leaving you no time to style your hair, therefore you are stuck with looking less polished than usual.

Thankfully there are hair styling tips and tricks that will let you wake up with a styled hair. Is it really possible to sleep your way to a gorgeously styled hair? Check out these neat tricks.

Wake Up with Beautifully Styled Hair with These 3 Hair Styling Tricks

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1. Keep Your Blowout

This is perhaps the easiest trick there is to sleeping your way to a beautifully styled hair. If you blowout your hair at least once a week you can actually make it last the following day. So how do you extend the life of a blowout until the next day? Before going to bed, simply put your hair into a high semi-loose ponytail then twist it to a bun, using a soft elastic. To keep it secured, use mini hair clips or bob pins. When you wake up, all you need to do is let your hair down and run a comb through it.

2. Beach Waves Sans the Heat

Want to wake up with the perfect beach waves? This is perfect for the ladies who wash their hair in the evening. When your hair is just damp, simply apply a small amount of styling cream or mousse. For those who are prone to get frizz, a light serum such as the Argan oil is an ideal choice. While your hair is still damp, divide it into two pigtails and then French braid each side semi-loosely. Use soft elastics to secure the braids. In the morning, undo the braids and voila, you’ll have the perfect beach waves and that’s without using heat!

3. Preserve Your Curls

Love wearing curls and waves with the use of hot styling tools? Doing it every day can be really time-consuming. But thankfully, there is a neat trick that will extend the life of your heat-styled curls and waves for a few days. Divide your hair into 2 sections just like you would when you do a pigtail style and then twist each section into low buns, just at the base of your neck. Use bob pins to keep them secure while you get your beauty sleep. Undo the buns in the morning and just use your fingers to lightly comb through your hair.

These hair styling tips are pretty neat and a huge time-saver. Do you know other tricks on how to wake up with a beautifully styled hair? Drop us a comment and share your thoughts with us!

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