Hair Trouble Because of High Humidity?

High Temperatures Can Damage Your Hair

When it starts getting humid it’s almost certain that many would be wearing frizzy hair. Humidity triggers locks to suddenly become unmanageable and this applies to all hair types. When humidity is high, many people find themselves suddenly sporting dry, uncooperative and rough hair. It’s true that humid days alone can bring havoc in your locks but there are other factors that can do exactly the same and when these things come together, you sure are not going to be happy with its effects on your hair.

Taming Hair During Humid Days

How do you tame your hair on humid days?

First, you’ll need to understand the effects of humidity on hair. Once you do, you’d have the necessary knowledge to come out victorious against humidity. Expect that you’ll wake up to several hot humid days this season. It’s the summer season after all.

As the days get hotter, your hair will start reacting with the moisture level in the air. You should know that the human hair is hygroscopic. This is a fancy way of saying that our hair readily absorbs and retains moisture especially during days of high temperature and high humidity. This makes the hair swell.

Such a change in the hair makes it hard to manage and style. As days of high humidity says hello, your hair will start absorbing moisture in the air and it will soon become obvious that humidity is making your hair act up. There are obvious differences on how different hair types react to moisture in the air but even strands of hair belonging to the same head may also have unpredictable reactions.

Why is this so? Let us get to know the hair better. There are two types of protein in our hair. These two are the orthocortex and the paracortex. These two types of hair protein have different reactions to water molecules. This difference in reaction to water molecules will result to some parts absorbing more water while other parts absorbing less water. This will result to twisting in your locks or cause the hair to become frizzy.

Those who have naturally curly hair would experience either having excessive curliness or get frizzy hair during humid days. It is best to leave your curly locks alone when drying it out (air dry it and do not use a hair dryer) or at least minimise brushing and combing it during humid days as this would create friction.

Friction will make matters worse for you. It is also ideal to leave your lovely curls in its natural state and keep your straightening iron hidden for the meantime. Those who have fine flat hair should not forget to use a volumising shampoo and a conditioner and those with wavy fine hair should just let their hair loose.

Moroccan Argan Oil

A wonderful hair product that will tame frizzy, unmanageable dry hair is the Moroccan Argan oil. Argan oil will also nourish, repair and protect your locks! How is this possible? The oil comes with numerous nutrients that are healthy for the hair such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and many more!