Hairstyles for Different Occasions!

When we were really young, probably back when we’re still missing our front teeth and still couldn’t say the words just right our moms were usually in charge of what hairstyle we’d be sporting. Some of us dreaded the part when we had to stay still for a moment which seemed forever, when our moms would fix our hair. You probably also tried squirming away just like most every little girl but was told to stay put.

Kids are quite lucky as they have their own personal hairstylist a.k.a. ever loving mom. They don’t have to worry how to wear their hair since mom is always there to help out. Of course as we get older we develop our own style. The ever changing hair trends can as well add in the confusion. Deciding on which hairstyle to sport for various occasions can be difficult for many grown-ups. So here are some ideas!

  • The Fishtail Braid
    Many think that this hairstyle is a tough one to pull off but the truth is it’s actually quite simple to do. You’ll need something to hold your hair together perhaps a ribbon or a clamp or anything that you can remove easily. Just divide the ponytail into two and take a piece from the outermost part of each section and then cross it to the other section doing it in an alternate manner. Once you are at the end lock or secure with your favourite hair accessory.
  • Ponytail
    It used to be that ponytails are hugely associated with women in sports but now the ponytails are seen in runways as well as red carpet events. You can either have your ponytail with texture or a bit messy to achieve that fresh out of bed look. If you want that stylish and sophisticated effect you can have your ponytail high and sleek. Best to wear a ponytail when you’re out for a late night fun or out for a date.
  • The Messy Hairdo
    These days, rock stars are not the only one sporting the messy hairdo! A messy bun also referred to as the messy ballerina bun is in style! And you can sport such a hairstyle for different occasions. You can wear the messy hairdo when you would be pouring buckets of sweat in the gym, when you would be on a movie date or if you have to wake up really early for an early birds’ meeting. To achieve this hairstyle you need to do a high ponytail by pulling back your hair. Once you’ve secured the ponytail, make a bun by wrapping around the ponytail. You’ll need a pin to secure the bun. Make sure to leave some tendrils along your nape.

Healthy Hair No Matter What Style
To ensure that your hair remains healthy whatever style you wear it in, regularly condition it with Moroccan Argan oil. Argan oil is loaded with Vitamin E and numerous other antioxidants that protect hair from damage and also repair and renew damaged hair. The essential fatty acids in the oil serve as nourishment to the hair roots and pores therefore making the hair stronger!

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