Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Sure a face-lift and numerous anti-aging products can help make us look younger. However, the simplest way to erase some years off your face is getting the right hairstyle. Here are some age-defying hairstyles that will certainly turn back the hands of time and make you look younger than your age.

Age-Defying Hairstyles

  1. Side-Swept Bangs to Sweep Off the Years – Cameron Diaz have worn this age-defying hairstyle and it absolutely makes her look divine. This hairstyle trick is elegant and does not make you look like a schoolgirl. The side swept bangs cover the hairline and takes the focus away from any lines you may have on your face. The result is a soft timeless look.
  2. Keep It Long Even After 40 – Most women think that they have to chop off their long locks once they reach 40. But this is absolutely not necessary. You can keep wearing your hair long even way after 40. Just look at the very charming Julia Roberts. She is one living proof that longer hairstyles can still be flattering even after 40. The trick is to have some loose waves as they add softness and avoid stick-straight hair around the face.
  3. Fun Hairstyles – Youthfulness is most about having fun. So having fun with your hair will give you a more youthful look. Too polished or stiff hairstyles can make you look older. Creating texture on the other hand, can give you a youthful glee. A fine example of an age-defying hairstyle is Halle Berry’s pixie cut. Simply use some shaping clay to pull in some strands around your face and this will keep the focus away from any fine lines that you may have on your face. If you have a small frame and delicate features, a pixie cut will be perfect for you.
  4. Victoria Beckham’s Angled Bob – You definitely won’t miss Victoria Beckham’s beautiful cheek bones with her angled bob hairstyle. What this hairstyle does is that it opens up the face and gives off a vibe that is trendy, and fun. As mentioned before, youthfulness is mostly about having fun. If you want to look as posh as “Posh Spice” ask your stylist to angle the hair ends so that the front is longer. The side-swept bangs is also a must for this hairdo. Just a reminder though. A firm jawline is essential to pull this hairstyle off.
  5. Curls Are More Fun – Curls are bouncy and match it with a youthful attitude and you are sure to wipe some years off your face. Layered curls can draw attention away from any lines, wrinkles, or age spots on the face and neck. The only trick you need to remember is to create lots of body for your curls. How do you achieve this youthful hairstyle? Use two curling irons of different size then finger comb through your waves making them loose. Don’t forget to spritz your hair with some hairspray right after.
  6. Short Cuts Best for Fine Hair – Cate Blanchett’s short hairstyle demonstrates that fine hair cut short is absolutely great. If you have straight, and very fine hair, you are better off wearing a shoulder-length or even shorter hairstyle.

These are just some of the best age-defying hairstyles you can try out.

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