Have Anti-Aging Foods to Turn Back the Hands of Time

To fight the effects of aging on the skin, some would take pills while some slather on skin creams that promise to take back your youthful skin. These anti-aging avenues can be effective but also can come with a huge cost. What many people tend to forget is that there are anti-aging foods that effectively fight the effects of aging.

If you want to wear a more youthful skin, keep your money in your pocket and focus instead on revamping your diet. Make sure that you include foods that have the power to delay and reverse the effects of aging. Want to know what these foods are? We’ve listed some of them here!

Dark Leafy Greens
Your mother was right to force you to eat spinach when you were little. Spinach and other dark leafy greens such as chard, kale, dandelion leaves and beet greens are packed with healthy nutrients as well as anti-aging nutrients!

What are in leafy greens?
They are loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients that are believed to reduce one’s risk of cancer and heart disease. These nutrients are also associated with improved skin health and vision. Leafy greens are also chock-full of magnesium which can boost the health of cells as well as Folate, the B-vitamin that has the ability to fight dementia as well as heart disease. Fiber found in leafy greens improves digestion and lowers one’s risk of heart disease and cancer.

They may be little but you would be wrong to underestimate their anti-aging prowess and health benefits. Berries can help prevent cancer and heart disease because of its high content of antioxidants. The antioxidants in berries are also helpful in repairing muscle tissue, improving skin health and increasing brain function. Think you’ve packed on some extra pounds? Include berries in your healthy diet to shed off those extra pounds. Berries are low in calories and can aid in weight loss as well as reduce one’s risk of diabetes.

Whole Grains
Check your kitchen cupboards and see what’s stored in them. If you see a lot of white-flour products, you’ll have to replace them with whole grains packed with fiber. Not only are whole grains healthy they can also help reverse the effects of aging and delay the aging process. Whole grains can lower your risk of cancer, heart disease as well as diabetes. They are also a great source of energy!

Culinary Argan Oil
The culinary Argan oil has been used in Morocco for thousands of years. This healthy oil is packed with antioxidants and unsaturated essential fatty acids. Research has shown that the oil can help fight the effects of skin aging and prevent free-radical damage. It also can prevent heart disease and boost the immune system. The oil is also great for people with diabetes. It also can improve brain function because of its unsaturated essential fatty acids.

Red Wine
Have at most 1 glass of red wine per day to turn back the hands of aging. Wine is packed with a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol which has anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties. Not only will wine help fight skin aging, it can also lower your risk of heart disease and cancer.

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