Have Fun Before the World Says Goodbye!

Who Said 2012 Was The End Of The World

With the world ending in 2012 as according to the Mayan Calendar, many believers of the end of the world prophecy of the Mayan calendar are thinking of ways on how to spend their last year on Earth. Technically, we only have less than a year to enjoy the life we are living if of course the end of the world in Dec 21 2012 is indeed true. The thought about the world ending in a few months from now makes a lot of people think about what to do before this prophecy happens. Even if you do not believe this prophecy to be true, you definitely have thought about what to do with your last days of living.

Fun Things to Do Before the World Ends

  1. Sky Dive! If you have not tried skydiving you might as well do so when you still have the chance! You can have it scheduled an hour before December 21 2012 and if you are lucky you can see the world crumble from a high altitude before you meet your end.
  2. Quit the Job that You Hate! There is no point sticking to a job that makes you miserable. If the world is really ending in 2012 then you would not have to worry about earning money to pay your mortgage, debt loans and expenses. If the world doesn’t end in December 21 2012 then at least you have spared yourself from living a miserable life. The best thing you can do is try to explore other work possibilities and not be too scared to get your dream job or at least a job that does not make you feel miserable.
  3. Travel to Places! If you have been wanting to travel to different places then do so while they are still there! Immerse yourself in different cultures and traditions. There is no point delaying your travel plans!
  4. Say I Love You More Often to the People You Love! Don’t keep your affectionate side hidden. Let the people that you care about know how much you really love them.
  5. Start Wearing the Clothes You Actually Love! If your hay days were the sixties then start wearing those sixties hippie clothes you love! If the 1980’s was your era then wear your hair like in the 80’s and strut the 80’s fashion with pride! If your hay days was in the 90’s then you decide if you would wear with pride the 90’s fashion! Just kidding! Just wear whatever clothes you want to wear and not care about what otherswould say!
  6. Get that New Year’s Kiss You Missed! If last New Year’s Eve you did not have a kiss, strive hard to get that New Year’s Kiss! It’s not yet too late. For straight women out there, listen to Katy Perry’s song you may like it too! I am not sure if I can say the same for guys.
  7. Care for Your Skin! We all want to look our best when we die. Care for your skin now with Argan Oil.

If these ideas are not even remotely close to what is fun for you then don’t do any of these things!

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