Having a Baby? Prevent the Onset of Stretch Marks!

Hormonal Changes Are Common During Pregnancy

It is common for many women to find themselves with stretch marks after giving birth or rapid weight loss.

This is not bad.

In truth, the only reason why women worry about stretch marks is because of their ugly appearance.

What used to be clear and smooth skin would suddenly have dark lines on them.

It’s not deadly and nor is it contagious, it’s just the irritating knowledge of having unwanted lines on the body that makes it so embarrassing sometimes.


There are a lot of products out in the market that promises to get rid of these marks on your skin.

But unfortunately, most of them work less effectively than advertised if they work at all. Some on the other hand would do as much as make lines become lighter in color.

What is great is that there are a few products still not as popular as they should be that does wonder to eliminate stretch marks.


It is best to prevent the onset of stretch marks during pregnancy. The reason for this is that prevention is always a lot easier than an actual solution.

So when you get pregnant, don’t just look for flat shoes and healthy restaurants – look for products that will care for your changing body as well.


Having an effective moisturizer to apply on your skin during pregnancy is one of the best ways to prevent the onset of stretch marks.

Yes there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of moisturizers in the market but not all of them work as well as others.

Do your research! You see, moisturizers and skincare creams will help to prevent the skin from itching while it expands during pregnancy.

Usually this itching and your scratching help to form and exacerbate the marks.


Stretch marks may take different forms, sizes, depth, and color. The differences would be based on each individual’s body – how fast the skin contracts and even the tone of the skin.

Most women get stretch marks on the third trimester or last gestation period when the supportive tissue below the skin loses its elasticity.


Using oil products to help keep the elasticity of the skin is always a good idea. They are good moisturizers that keep skin from itching and help skin when they are stretching.

Argan oil for stretch marks for instance is one of those natural oils that help pregnant women never see stretch marks on their bodies.

Unlike other oils though, argan oil has very high contents of vitamin E which is vital in keeping skin elastic.

Argan oil also has tons of antioxidants that keep skin healthy, making sure free radicals stay away from the body.

Using argan oil during pregnancy will help in keeping skin hydrated, protected, and nutrition filled which is good for the mother and the baby.