Having a Bite Night Party for Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner and by now you should start planning your spooky party! Halloween parties are fun. You get to wear costumes and even scare some of your friends or loved ones. To make things more interesting why not serve up Halloween-themed foods and drinks?!

Vampires have awakened and taken over our lives again thanks to the movie Twilight and TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. This Halloween why not have a Bite Night party? Here are some ideas on how you can pull off your Bite Night Halloween party!

Bite Night Menu

First off let’s discuss your drink to welcome your blood-thirsty guests!

Make Your Punch Look Gory and Bloody

For your bite night party, a bloody-red cherry punch is a perfect drink to serve. Serve a cup of blood to welcome the creatures of the night. This drink is quite easy to make. All you need is a bottle of 64-ouncer cherry or perhaps cranberry juice, a litre of ginger ale and a quarter cup of lemon juice. Add in a tablespoon of grenadine to complete that bloody effect. Mix all of these in your punch bowl and throw in a couple of cups of cherries and chunks of orange. Spike this drink with bourbon or rye. To make this bloody drink look gory, you’ll need this gory mixture. Get a small bowl and stir in a quarter cup of light corn syrup, a teaspoon of molasses and half a teaspoon of food dye or food coloring. Now, dip your finger in the mixture and then start running your finger in the rim of your punch bowl. This will create an effect of blood like running down the punch bowl. Now that’s gory!

Now that you have your drinks, let’s discuss what your bite night guests will munch on!

Bite Night Appetizer

For this tasty bite you’ll need eggs, black olives and red food colouring or food dye. Simply boil the eggs, peel off the shells and scoop out the yellow or yolk. Now gather all your egg yellows and mash them in with mayo. You may add mustard in the mixture and some herbs for that extra flavour. Scoop enough amount of the yolk mixture back in the hole and then place a black olive in the centre. Now your eggs are starting to look like eyes. To complete the “eye” look, decorate the white part with the food dye. You may also use a red-coloured food gel. This appetiser is definitely eye catching and something that your bite night guests would love to bite into!

Bite Night Main Dishes Ideas

For your main dishes, you can serve ham but just make them all look gory by decorating it with blood and by blood we mean either food dye or catsup. You may also serve other meat with the same idea of blood decoration.

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