A Healthy Diet Keeps Our Nail Bright

Having Nail Problems Often? Check Your Diet!

Your diet plays a crucial role in the health of your nails. Nails need certain nutrients to grow strong and healthy. If you have been missing out on these nutrients in your diet you are most likely to encounter nail problems. Here are key nutrients to include in your daily meals to ensure a healthy and strong set of nails!

Essential Nutrients for Healthy Nails

  • Vitamin H
    Have you ever heard of the nutrient called Vitamin H? Vitamin H is another term for biotin and this nutrient is essential in keeping the nails healthy. It also helps in repairing thin, brittle as well as splitting nails. To make sure that you are getting enough of biotin, include whole grains, mushrooms, bananas, pecans, eggs and cauliflower in your diet.
  • Vitamin C
    Free radicals are naturally occurring and they bring havoc to the body including the nails. To help protect your nails from free radical damage, consume foods packed with Vitamin C such as oranges, pineapples, cabbage, leafy greens, green peppers, strawberries, grapefruit, papayas, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupe and raspberries. Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals before they do any harm.
  • Magnesium
    If your nails are growing too slow this may be because of insufficient magnesium intake. To correct this you should start eating foods packed with magnesium. Cashews, whole grains, peanuts, soybean flour, bran cereals as well as baked potatoes are loaded with magnesium. Make them apart of your diet to promote healthy nail growth.
  • Zinc
    Another essential nutrient for healthy nails is zinc. Zinc just like Vitamin C is an antioxidant therefore protection your nails from free radical damage. Your nails will usually show white spots in them when they lack zinc. Make sure that you are getting enough zinc by adding green meat, red meats and ricotta cheese in your diet. Other food sources packed with zinc are shellfish, shrimps, crab, peanuts and sunflower seeds. Whole grains, cooked green vegetables, pumpkin and mushrooms are also excellent sources of zinc.

Start including these nutrients in your diet to ensure that your nails grow strong, healthy and protected from damage. If you are tired of having to deal with nail problems all the time such as splitting, breaking and brittle nails, it is high time that you start checking what you have been feeding your body with.

It is also important to make sure that you take proper care of your nails. Do not keep abusing them as they would break no matter how well you nourish them with the key nutrients they need. Here are some tips on how to care for your nails.

  • Wear gloves when doing household chores and hobbies that involve the use of hand tools. Stop tapping your nails on surfaces.
  • Trim them regularly and keep them clean.
  • Moisturize your nails regularly. Argan oil is a great choice in nail moisturizers as it comes with numerous antioxidants. Just coat your nails with the oil and let them soak in its goodness at least thrice a week.

To keep your nails healthy follow these tips!
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