Having Weak Nail Problems? Improve Nails With Diet!

Diet? How can what you eat make your nails any better? Well, the food you eat affects how your body works. That is a fact of life. If affects your health, your growth, your mood, and even how your body parts function. So if you want your nails to function properly – become strong, grow longer, look clear, and to become beautiful all year through, take notice in what you eat. You might not realize it but your nail problems could be because of a poor and unhealthy diet.


Nails are made of dead tissues yet they are good indicators of health. So if your nails are not looking so healthy, then your body might be sending you a message through them. For example:

  • Bluish or yellowish nails – could mean respiratory or breathing problems.
  • Pale nail bed – could be because of anemia.
  • Separation of nails from nail bed – could be because of anxiety or hyperthyroidism.
  • Brittle nails – could be due to a deficiency in iron, calcium, or protein.
  • External growth on nails – your diet may be consisting of too much salt.
  • Improper nail growth – you have a deficiency in zinc.
  • Peeling nails – could be because of a vitamin A deficiency.
  • Brittle and thin nails – could mean you need more fats and oils in your nails.
  • Ridges form on your nails – too much refined and processed foods.


You see, your nail problems could simply mean you need to adjust your diet. If you have these nail problems or if there is something bothering you about your nails, look into these small diet changes you could partake in for better, healthier nails.

  • Brittle and dry nails – hype up your intake of vitamin A such as apricots, greens, cheese, and carrots. Add essential oils on your diet such as argan oil. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil is not only tasty but it is also nutritious, good for your health, and wonderful for your nails.
  • To strengthen nails – good calcium sources include dairy products, almonds, yoghurt, and cheese.
  • If you need moisture and hydration for your nails – take in argan oil and lots of water. Water is a good source of hydration for the nails and the whole body. Water will keep nails smooth, clear, and healthy.
  • For external growths on nails – lessen salt intake on your diet.
  • For pale nails – eat iron rich foods like liver.
  • To help keep nails healthy and beautiful – make it a point to include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and fish in your diet. These are good sources of strength and nutrients for your nails.

Your diet does affect your whole body including your nails. How your nails look, grow, and develop would greatly be influenced by what you eat day by day. Give your nails a break and stay away from junk food and alcohol. Live healthy and your body will be at its best.

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