Head Turning Hairstyles

A beautiful hairstyle is definitely a head turner. No matter where you’re heading, whether it’s the gym, a night club or a coffee or lunch date, wearing a beautiful hairstyle will make eyes gaze at you.

Need to jazz up your outfit? Don’t bother wasting your time deciding which necklace, pair of earrings, bangles or bracelet will go well with your outfit, your locks are the perfect accessory. You just need some of the very basic hair styling products like hair spray, anti-frizz gel and shine serum to get that head turning hairstyle. The good news is you don’t need to go to a hair salon and spend cash. You can take care of styling your hair right at home.

Hairstyle for the Gym

Working out at the gym will make you break a bucketful of sweat. But can you still wear a hot hairstyle while working out hard? Of course you can. Here are a couple of hot hairstyles for the gym.

  • Braided Buns
    To get this hairstyle, part your hair down the middle then French braid each section. Once done simply roll the end of each braid into a bun then use a pin to put the strands in place.
  • The Basic Bun
    For those who do not have much time in their hands, the basic bun is a great hairstyle to wear while working out. Use an anti-frizz serum all over your hair then start brushing your locks into a ponytail. You can do a high style or a low style. Twist the tail and then coil it around your hair elastic. Secure the coil in place with the help of bobby pins so that your hair-do won’t budge while you are working your body hard in the gym.

Hairstyle for Your Future In-laws

Is your man finally introducing you to his folks? We know how this can be nerve racking. Get a good impression by wearing these innocent girl next door hairstyles.

  • Sleek Top and Wavy Bottom
    This hairstyle is a favorite do by none other than the fabulous and sweet Sarah Jessica Parker. To copy this do, use a straightening balm to damp hair roots then apply a curl-enhancing lotion throughout your hair’s length. Blow-dry your locks and then wrap the sections of your locks around a curling iron. Have your sections about 2-inch thick so that you end up with curls that are soft and loose.
  • Mini-Braid
    To wear the mini-braid hairstyle, apply a smoothing cramp through your damp hair then blow-dry your locks. Start making a deep side part and then get three small sections from the part area and then French braid these locks across the hairline. Use an elastic band to secure the braid. Keep the non-braided part fabulous with the help of some anti-frizz cream.

These are just a few hairstyles that would definitely turn heads!

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