Healthier Nails with Argan Oil

When your nails are damaged or brittle the solution is to have it treated using toners. Toners are made of different stuff all meant to make nails stronger and look better but there is one particular oil that is making waves today when it comes to nail treatment. This is the Moroccan Argan Oil.

The Argan tree bearing the fruits which from where the oil is extract from grows exclusively in Morocco. It gained global popularity due to an international fair in France in the 1800’s where it was introduced by Moroccans. Today, the oil is known for many cosmetic purposes including nail toning.

This precious oil from Morocco is currently popular worldwide due to its numerous benefits. It contains nutrients essential to skin and hair and also nutrients essential for the nails that do the following:

  • Moisturize the nails – The main ingredient of the oil responsible for moisturising the nails is vitamin E. Popularly known to improve skin complexion and as an antioxidant, vitamin E also helps rejuvenate the cells that makes up our nails making them moist and healthy which is great in preventing diseases related to nails.
  • Strengthens the nails – Vitamin E and several other compounds (Squalene being one of them) found in the oil help strengthen the nails. Squalene conditions the cuticles and prevents the nails from cracking easily. It also keeps the diseases common to nails at bay. Another compound is the essential fatty acids (EFAs) which helps keep the nail healthy. EFAs also prevent nails from cracking. The formation of reddish skin around the cuticle is also prevented.
  • Regenerates the nails – This oil can also help individuals with damaged nails. The same compounds that help keep nails healthy also aid in regenerating the damaged areas of the nails helping nails grow back to its normal state.
  • Keep the nails looking good – Because it makes the nails healthy and nourished, nails start looking healthy and vibrant. The nails will be glowing and smooth as the nutrients from the argan oil keep the cells rejuvenated and nourished.

Some people wonder how come the Moroccan Argan oil can benefit both the skin and hair. It’s good that many consumers are asking questions rather than just believing what the ad says. The reason why this oil can benefit both the skin and nails can be easily explained by learning about what keratin is. Keratin is a type of protein primamrily makes up the nails. Your skin’s outer layer also has keratin. Therefore what makes the skin healthy will make your nails healthy too. If you are nailing for healthy and nourished nails then regularly coat or soak your nails in this oil.

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