Healthy and Anti-Aging Foods at a Friendlier Price

Eating Healthy Keeps You Young Looking

If you want to age gracefully, you have to be healthy. Most people think that being healthy means spending a hefty amount of money. The truth is being healthy does not have to be expensive. We’ll be sharing a few tips that can save you money and keep you looking and feeling in great health.

Red Wine Made Affordable
Red wine is indeed a healthy treat and consuming a glass a day can mean hundreds of dollars in a year. So how do you indulge your healthy glass of red wine a day habit? The answer comes in a box. A high quality boxed wine that is. Boxed wines are already quite popular in Europe and they are sold at a more affordable price and they come with the same health benefits. Did you know that a box of wine is equivalent to about 4 bottles? Now that’s a great buy.

The Mediterranean Diet at a Friendlier Price
You have probably been hearing about the Mediterranean diet. Many celebrities, prominent persons and average people are swearing by the healthy benefits of this diet. The Mediterranean diet has fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, oil and fish. The main concern about following this diet is that it can cost a lot of money since fresh foods are quite pricey. If you’re tight on budget you can still follow this healthy diet by buying the same items frozen or canned. You still get the same health benefits for a less amount of money. When you’re on a healthy diet your cravings for junk food will die down which in turn saves you more money.

Here are a few more tips that can save you money when following the Mediterranean diet.

For vegetables and fruits
Canned and frozen foods come with a friendlier price and another plus is they don’t spoil as easily as fresh foods do. If fresh vegetables and fruits do not sit well with your budget you can go for bags of frozen veggies and fruits. Just throw them in the microwave and in less than 5 minutes they are ready.

Price-friendly Protein
Lean meats and fish are a main ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. If fresh fish is a bit too much for your budget, you can go for frozen fish or salmon in a pouch. You can also try beans as they are packed with protein.

To save money you should buy grains in bulk and not in boxes. You can also go for barley which has the same price tag as but has more protein.

Nuts and Oil
You can buy nuts in large quantities as you can keep them in your fridge for up to 6 months. To make them last up to a year, throw them inside the freezer. Olive oil can be pricey but you’ll find a more affordable alternative that is just as healthy and that is canola oil.

Go ahead and indulge on your favorite healthy items.

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