Healthy and Beautiful Skin All Year Round

Skin care is essential most especially if you are living in a place that has extreme climates. Seasonal changes also can put a toll on the health of your skin. You should know how to take better care of your skin for each season especially winter and summer seasons.

During the winter season your skin can become very dry because of the cold temperature and the strong winds blowing. The skin can be very prone to become flaky and itchy because the weather condition during winter months robs the skin of its moisture.

The summer season can also threaten the health of your skin. Extreme heat can damage the skin and cause it to become red. Skin irritation is also very common during the summer season.
The important question you need an answer on is how to better care for the skin during the summer and winter months when the weather conditions are not that mild?

Winter and Summer Skin Care

  1. Apply sunscreen lotion daily – Daily means everyday and winter days are not exempted from the rule of daily sunscreen lotion application. The UV rays can still penetrate thick clouds and do the damage to your skin even in the winter time. So whether it’s summer, winter, spring or fall, if you are going out of your house, apply sunscreen lotion to your skin. You need to remember to apply the lotion at least 15 minutes before heading outdoors and get the sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 15 or above. During the summer time it is best that you bring an umbrella with you or put on a hat. In the winter months it is best to stay inside and avoid being outdoors as much as possible.
  2. Apply moisturiser daily – Keep your skin healthy by applying moisturiser regularly. There are different moisturisers formulated for various skin types. So people with oily skin should not assume that they do not need to moisturise their skin. Any skin type needs moisturising. If you want an excellent moisturiser pick out Argan oil. Argan oil has Sterols which locks in moisture on the skin. It also has anti aging and skin nourishing capabilities. Apply this oil to your skin every morning after bathing or showering. You can also reapply at night before going to bed.
  3. Avoid long and hot showers or baths – Most people would shower or bathe with hot, almost scalding hot water during the winter season. This actually dries up the skin as the natural oils of the skin are washed off. Keep the water’s temperature lukewarm and minimise your time in the bathroom to at most 15 minutes.
  4. Stop rubbing your skin dry – Many are guilty of rubbing their skin dry after bathing or showering. This is a very harsh way of drying off the skin. Tap dry your skin instead to make sure that some of the skin’s moisture are retained.
  5. Avoid sudden temperature changes – Many people are guilty of doing this especially in the winter time. However you need to take out this habit as this is damaging to the skin. If you have just been out in the cold air, see to it that you do not enter into a very warm home. You should put your heating on low and gradually turn it up as your body adjusts.

You can keep your skin healthy no matter what the season is with the right skin care regimen.

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