Improve your Health with Argan Oil

Argan Oil Benefits The Body From The Inside Out

You’ve probably heard of the exotic, argan oil that’s quickly becoming a staple for beauty enthusiasts. It improves your hair and skin as a topical agent, but it also has health perks. Argan oil originates from Morocco where it’s cultivated by the local people.

In fact, the argan tree’s fruits are where you’ll find the oil hidden away. Once you purchase quality, culinary argan oil, knowing its health benefits is crucial. These facts will encourage you to add this oil to nearly every recipe.

Inflammation Fighter

The substance that gives argan oil one of its most powerful health benefits is the omega-3 fatty acids. They interact with the body’s tissues to reduce inflammation. This stress factor is a natural reaction to injuries or chronic ailments, but it can be detrimental to your health over time.

Tackles Oxidation

Oxidation is the process in which cells lose their virility and subsequently age over the years. Argan oil fights oxidation through these key processes, such as:

  • Free-radical targeting
  • Rich, antioxidant volumes
  • Rare, phytochemical combinations for the human body

Your internal organs age just as rapidly as your skin or hair so improving their cellular structure with antioxidants is part of a healthy experience with argan oil.

Amps Up Digestion

Poor digestion leads to many health problems, including some bowel syndromes, so any benefits to the gut are welcomed by most mature women. By consuming argan oil, your digestive system receives a boost of pepsin production. This enzyme is crucial to stomach digestion, and argan oil provides some energy for that process.

Care For Your Hands Because They Are Very Important

Balances Blood-Sugar Levels

With healthy fats and antioxidants coursing through your body, argan-oil ingredients also affect your blood-sugar levels. You won’t notice the spikes in sugars across a given day because the argan oil neutralizes these harmful swings. You’ll feel hungry at meals without a starving sensation that encourages overeating.

Protects the Heart

Because argan oil reduces inflammation in the body, it protects the heart. The blood vessels and heart maintain relaxed positions throughout your stressful days. You might notice these beneficial effects, such as:

  • Lower, blood-pressure numbers
  • Reduced cholesterol values

A Beginner’s Recipe

Mix two ingredients together in equal parts, including:

  • Honey
  • Culinary argan oil

Spread this mixture on bread for a unique alternative to butter. Be sure to only purchase genuine, culinary argan oil. Look for Moroccan labels and a rich, golden brown color to the oil.

Try culinary argan oil today by whipping up this recipe in only a few minutes. Did you experiment with this recipe? Share your tips with other readers below by filling out the comment section. Culinary argan oil can become a staple in your home as you discover new ways to use it.