Healthy Cooking for Healthy Eating

Cook Healthy Food Using Healthy Ingredients

Want to lose weight but don’t want to stop eating? Make sure to use healthy and nutritious ingredients and follow healthy preparation techniques. The cooking methods you use are essential to how you can keep healthy and manage your weight. Here are the healthiest cooking methods that you can adopt, cutting extra fat and calories as you make your way towards being sexy and healthy.

Using Healthy Oils

The main rule of thumb in healthy cooking is to use less fat. Well, it used to be that way. Recent studies have shown that it’s not only the amount of fat that you have to monitor but the kind of fat, as well. Choose oils that are rich in mono-unsaturated fats, the healthiest fat. Mono-unsaturated fat improves cholesterol profiles by increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) ratio and helps you manage your weight.

One such oil is Argan oil. This product comes from the southwestern parts of Morocco. Its various health benefits made this oil popular throughout the world. Rich in Vitamin E and Linoleic acids and with over 80% of its fat unsaturated, this unusual oil is full of health benefits. Argan oil can be used as a drizzle for grilled and steamed foods and even for stir fried meals. Its nutty taste complements most food without being overpowering.


The Chinese have this method pat down. Maybe this is why only a few Chinese are fat. Stir-frying is a healthy way of cooking because it uses less oil and less ingredients. In stir frying, the ingredients, (usually vegetable and chicken) are cooked for a short time, thus the nutrients are retained as the texture and flavours.

Grilling and Broiling

Grilling, also called broiling, means cooking food over a direct high heat source, usually charcoal or gas-fired ceramic briquettes. The food is cooked one side at a time, turned several times until fully cooked. Grilling removes the hidden fats in meat. Choose lean cuts of meat for grilling and don’t forget to put them in marinade. However it is better to grill more vegetables to maintain a healthy diet.

Baking and Roasting

Roasting is similar to baking. Both are cooked in an oven but roasting requires a higher cooking temperature. Keep your roast healthy by lightly coating the meat with oil. Roasting removes the hidden fats as it melts away and drips during cooking. Trim excess fats off your meat before roasting to reduce the total fat in your dish.


Steaming is probably the easiest and healthiest way of cooking food. Foods such as fish and vegetables are placed on a perforated basket and placed over boiling water. Steaming retains the food nutrients intact thus making steamed dishes healthier. When steaming, you may place the fish inside a foil wrap to keep the juices in and make your dish more flavorful. You can add seasonings and spices to the boiling water to flavor your foods as they are cooked.

Season Your Food Healthily

Avoid using butter and dairy products for flavours but instead use herbs and spices to season your food and bring out great flavors in your dishes. Herbs and spices also add color to your dish, making it more interesting and more appetizing. Sprinkle rosemary on roasted potatoes, rub meats for roasting with oregano and basil or add chopped cilantro on your steamed fish.

How you cook your food is as important as what you cook when maintaining a healthy diet. Follow these tips on how to cook and eat healthy.

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