Healthy Cooking Techniques: Cook Your Way to Good Health!

Eating Healthy Food Is Very Important

Who would have thought that your cooking technique could actually help you to become healthy? Well good news to everyone. There are different ways on how you can prepare and cook your food to make your body fit and sexy. Yes, aside from what you cook what you eat, how you prepare your meals will give you that extra edge in your goal to becoming healthy. So read on and learn different cooking techniques that will surely cook your way to good health.


Steaming is one of the simplest and healthiest ways to cook food. You may steam fish and vegetables as well as dimsum and several bread recipes. Steaming involves cooking with a use of a perforated basket placed on top of boiling liquid. Usually using water, you may also add seasoning and different flavors to the liquid to add flavor to your dishes.


Baking would almost always bring breads and pastries in mind. On the contrary though baking could also include poultry, vegetables, seafood, and lean meats. Baking would not require you to add any fat to your dishes. Put your ingredients of choice in a pan or dish, covered or uncovered and place inside the oven.


Similar to baking but roasting uses higher temperatures. You also do not have to add any fat to this cooking method. Use a baking sheet or a baking pan to roast or you may also use a baking rack to allow fat from meats to drip. You may have to baste every once in a while to add flavor and to keep food from drying.


This cooking method would require gently simmering your chosen ingredients. Simmering in a flavoring both is the secret to poaching. You can use a broth, juice, and even vinegar to cook food. Meats, vegetables, seafood, and even eggs could be cooked through this method. Use a good sized covered pan that would fit your food perfectly and also so can use just the exact amount of liquid.

Broiling and Grilling

Both these methods would require direct exposure to heat. Grilling outdoors would require a grill with charcoal or gas-heated rocks. If you are cooking smaller ingredients such as vegetables and even fruits, place them on top of foil to protect them. Don’t worry you’ll still have that grilled or broiled flavor on your dishes.

Using herbs, spices, and oils

If you want better flavored foods, healthier, and without adding any fats and even salt – use these three ingredients. Cooking with these ingredients will help you become healthier and would help you to enjoy your food better. If you are wondering about oils, there are oils that are both flavorful and healthy for you. An example of which is argan oil. Known for its unique nutty flavor, argan oil is also rich in vitamins and minerals that will make the body healthy.

Having a healthy body doesn’t have to mean bland food or no food at all. You can enjoy tasty and good cooked foods with these simple yet healthy cooking methods. You don’t have to be a chef to use them. Try it now!

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