Healthy Eating: 5 Bad Habits to Break

Your eating habits play an important role in keeping your body healthy. Eating healthy makes you more productive because you have the energy to accomplish things. Healthy eating also makes you stronger thus reducing your risk of developing diseases. However, bad eating habits get in the way of healthy eating. Here are 5 bad eating habits that you should break if you want to be healthy.

Eating too fast

Eating is not just about getting food into your body. Gobbling down your food deprives you of the sensory pleasure that comes with eating. Moreover, the whole digestion process starts at your mouth when you chew your food. Chewing breaks down food so that your body can absorb nutrients. So hey, slow down and chew. If you eat fast because you eat alone, make a commitment to eat with a colleague at work. When you live alone, invite your neighbor to dinner one night a week.

Compulsive snacking

Secret snacking gives a negative meaning to eating. If you feel the urge to eat snacks, munch on healthy, low-fat, low-calorie snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables with fat-free dip, or popcorn without the butter. Or try low-fat, lower calorie versions of your favorite foods to see if they satisfy your craving.

Skipping meals

You starve yourself the whole day and then binge at night. Skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger which often leads to overeating. When you are very hungry, good nutrition flies out of the window because your main goal is to appease your hunger.  Eat regular meals and take snacks in between meals. Eating regular meals helps keep nutrients and energy levels stable

Emotional eating

Do you reward yourself with food? Do you turn to food when you are feeling stressed? Emotional eating is one bad habit that you should find a way to break. Sometimes you turn to food for comfort, unconsciously or consciously. Emotional eating can sabotage your weight loss efforts and cause you to gain weight. Manage your stress with yoga, meditation or taking up a hobby. Fight boredom, not with food but with healthier options such as taking a walk, chatting with a friend or watching a movie. Avoid turning to food to distract you.

Unhealthy food choices

Fond of soda and potato chips? If your favorite foods are high in fat, salt or sugar, the solution is not eliminating these foods from your diet. The key is moderating how much of these foods you eat and how often you eat them. Eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Eat whole grain and load up on fruits and vegetables. Choose the good fats and avoid the bad fats which can cause health problems. Use argan oil in your dishes. This oil from Morocco is packed with unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants that provide heart-health benefits. Bad habits are hard to break, especially when they have been around for a long time. Take things one day at a time and stop your bad habit on its tracks gradually. Follow these tips on how to eat healthy and break bad eating habits.