Healthy Skin for a Healthier You!

Keeping skin healthy has not been an important ritual for some. Others though make certain to moisturize their skin from head to toe. Which part of the group are you? Let’s answer some of the most important questions regarding skin and skin care. Is it important to take care of the skin? Why take time to keep skin healthy? How can one successfully keep skin healthy?

Importance of skin care:

  • Keeping skin healthy will help you keep other important parts of your body healthy as well. When your skin is healthy your nails are healthy, so is your hair, and scalp.
  • When your skin is healthy, you look younger and more radiant.
  • Keeping a healthy skin will boost your self confidence.

Positive ways to keep skin healthy:
There are two major ways to keep skin healthy – by keeping it clean and by keeping it healthy. Sounds pretty simple but to make it clearer here are specific examples.

  • Soap effectiveness – here’s an important information, when taking a shower, soap needs to stay in the skin for at least 20 seconds for it to be able to kill germs. To do this, stand away from the shower or turn the water off when lathering your body with soap.
  • Be gentle when washing skin – over scrubbing your skin will open up pores. Open pores would be more vulnerable to infection and germ invasion. Be gentle when handling your skin and avoid abrasions to keep skin healthy.
  • Keep hands clean – to keep hands clean, make it a habit to wash your hands often. As your hands usually get in contact with different parts of your body, it is important to really keep your hands clean. Hand washing is the best defense against skin infections, diseases, and body ailments.
  • Do not walk barefoot – avoid walking barefoot not only because it is dangerous but also for your skin. Walking barefoot makes skin dry and a prime target for small bugs that would bring harm to your skin. Wear slippers or socks when walking at home.
  • Clean scrapes and wounds immediately – an important aspect in health is to immediately clean wounds and scrapes with soap and water and/or with antiseptic solutions such as Betadine. No matter how small a wound is, it is a vulnerable entry point for possible infection.

Argan Oil and skin Care:
There is a natural oil taken from Morocco that is able to protect and moisturize the skin. This is the argan oil. Known to have exceptional vitamins and fatty acids, argan oil is able to keep skin healthy at all times. Regular application of this oil will give undeniable results, making skin revitalized. Because argan oil has all the essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy, you don’t have to take in or use different products for your skin care. Just one product and a few drops will do! You are sure to feel and see the difference when using 100% natural argan oil.

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