Gout Is A Very Painful Illness

Helping Relieve Gout Symptoms

Have you heard of the word gout before? It’s probably one of those ailments that one of your Uncles had when you were younger. That’s probably it… that’s probably where you heard of that word before. But what is gout exactly? Is it possible that you have it too?

What is gout?

Gout is caused when one’s uric acid levels are high. Uric acid levels increase when the body produces more than what is needed or when the body is unable to excrete the right amount out of the body. Some of the symptoms of gout would include swelling in the joints such as the joints in one’s feet, pain in joints, and other bothersome symptoms. Although it is difficult to cure gout, being able to precipitate its attacks by watching out what you eat is a good way to combat it.

What should be avoided to lessen gout attacks?

Certain foods precipitate gout attacks and these foods should be avoided. Here is a list of some of the most common gout precipitators:
  • Alcohol should be avoided. Heavy alcohol drinking will cause gout attacks to occur. The reason for this is that alcohol prevents the normal elimination of uric acid to occur. In other words, because of alcohol, uric acid is retained in the body which causes gout attacks. Alcoholic beverages most especially beer should be avoided.
  • Foods rich in sugar. Foods like cake, ice cream, sodas, candy, and most desserts should be avoided. These foods interfere with other gout-fighting foods. It is best to stay away from them to reduce gout attacks.
  • Organ meat. These types of meat such as liver and gizzard increases gout flare. They are rich in purines which are broken down into uric acid. So if you are suffering from excessive uric acid in your body, organ meats will make your situation worse. Aside from organ meat, other meat products should also be avoided. This would include bacon, venison, veal, pork, and beef. Limit your meat intake to very lean meats and 4-6 ounces daily.
  • Asparagus. If you’re wondering why a vegetable is included in this list it is because asparagus contains purines like meats. Similarly, this vegetable should be avoided by people with gout.

What else should be done?

Aside from watching your diet, you may also opt to gently massage your joints when they are aching. Help relieve your joint pains with argan oil. A few drops of this oil massaged to your aching joints will help relieve your gout pains. Argan oil is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. Vitamins such as essential fatty acids and vitamin E will help your skin and body fight off various health problems. If you’re looking to fight off gout and its symptoms follow these simple tips. You’ll see that despite your condition, you will be able to live a normal life. Refrain from eating foods that are bad for gout especially meats and organ meats, alcohol, sugary foods, and asparagus.


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