Helping Women From Acne With Argan Oil!

There is a type of oil that has become popular over the past few years. This oil is called the Argan oil or also known as the “liquid gold” from Morocco. Growing almost exclusively from this area, argan oil is extremely rare as it can only be found in the Southwestern parts of Morocco. Taken from the Argan Tree, the argan oil has gotten its popularity from being a diverse oil type. It is called “liquid gold” because it is able to solve a lot of cosmetic problems such as problems in hair, nails, and the skin. Not only is this oil becoming popular for its powers to solve cosmetic problems, argan oil as a whole helps women from all over. Women who have hair, nails, and skin problems for one greatly benefit from this wondrous product. Women who make argan oil greatly benefit from argan oil as well. ARGAN OIL AND ITS PRODUCTION: The production of this oil is a labor intensive process even when an electric press and a filtering machine are used. Aside from these two equipment, the rest of the procedure to make the oil is still done manually. A liter of argan oil takes about 32 kg of fruit and 12 hours to produce. Local women from Morocco called the Berber women are tasked to gather the fruit from the argan tree, dry them, take the kernels out from the nuts of the fruit, press, filter, and bottle them. Every step of the said procedure is labor intensive as almost everything is done manually. For example, even in this day and age, stones and their bare hands are still used to manually open nutshells to get the kernels. One by one each nutshell is cracked open. Imagine how patient these women are! ARGAN OIL AND ITS MANY BLESSINGS: The Berber women do not complain about the difficult process to make and create this product. They are more than happy to do it! Why? Because argan and its products are a source of a multitude of blessings to them. You see, Morocco has never been a rich country. Especially where the argan trees are found, people had little livelihood to help the people there survive. That is until the argan oil was discovered by foreign countries. Although Berber women have already been using the oil for themselves and their families for so long, it is only until the infiltration of foreign investors who got interested with the product that their lives began to improve. When foreign tests were made and argan’s rich substance was proven extremely beneficial to beauty and health, only then did these women start to feel weight coming off of their shoulders. Berber women are now able to provide for their families, they are able to go to school, and are able to live a decent life. These women are able to sell their products to different countries and in return are able to live better lives. ARGAN OIL AND WOMEN: Women from all over the world on the other hand also benefit from this product. Argan is well known for curing acne, hair problems, nail problems, and is also well known as an anti-aging product. It is not surprising then that argan and acne are being linked closely together as one of the many benefits of this magnificent oil is to prevent and cure acne. Truly beneficial to women from all over, using this product will not only help you and your loved ones, but will inevitably help Berber women as well.